Chinese peace plan.  Putin: It can be considered the basis for resolving the conflict

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What did Vladimir Putin say? Russian President Vladimir Putin said: We believe that many of the provisions of the peace plan presented by China are in line with Russia’s approach, and this can be considered the basis for a peace agreement when the West and Kiev are ready for it. The second day of Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s visit to the Kremlin. But Putin noted that “so far there is no such readiness” on the Russian side.

What does the Chinese peace plan mean? In February, China published a document in which it indicated the conditions, in its opinion, that must be met in order to achieve peace in Ukraine. However, this vision contradicts the solutions that the West is considering, with the United States on top of it. If you add to the fact that at least half of the 12 points of China’s position are directly or indirectly aimed at the United States, it is easy to see that under the current circumstances it has no chance of implementation. In its document, China is supposed to, among other things, “abandon the Cold War mentality” and call on the United States to stop imposing sanctions. You didn’t mention the word “war”. But the phrase “peace plan” is not. Because the Chinese did not present a plan, only their own position.

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Ukraine wants to talk to China. Referring to the proposed Chinese peace plan, the Ukrainian president said he plans to hold a meeting with Xi Jinping. “I think this will benefit our countries and global security,” Zelensky said. He also indicated that, in his opinion, “any peace plans can only be initiated by a country on whose territory a war is taking place.”

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