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On October 21, we will have a great celebration at Tarczyński Arena Wrocław. Olinsk will face Legia Warsaw in the match at the top of the PKO PB Ekstraklasa, and the event will be watched by a full crowd from the stands. Are you wondering how to get on the field without any problems? Don’t remember the lines that run to the main WKS facility? Wondering where to leave your car? We come to you for help.

The most important information for the fans

* Firstly, due to the very high attendance, we advise all fans to go to the stadium as soon as possible. The stadium doors will open exceptionally two hours before the match. There is no point in waiting in lines until the last minute. We recommend arriving at the facility by 15:30 And the beginning of the football celebration! Thanks to this, you will avoid queues, easily find your seat and prepare for the match. VIP area Also open from 15:30.

What should I take with me?

* ID card – An identity document is necessary to enter the facility and experience the feelings of the clash between Olsk and Ligia. We advise you to take a plastic copy of the document with you. Apps like mObywatel may become ineffective when a large number of people gather in one place.

* #ŚLĄLEG ticket – If you are one of the lucky ones who were able to buy a ticket for this meeting, you cannot forget it. Before departure, we recommend saving the ticket in PDF format to the electronic version of your phone or printing it. This setup will also facilitate faster entry into the facility in the event of connectivity issues or other technical issues. Since tickets for the match against ŁKS are currently on sale, make sure you get your ticket for the correct match!

What should I take with me?

* #EveryoneGreen! The match is a celebration! Remember to take a scarf with you, Green t-shirt Or other kit in your club colours. On the field, we are all a big family from Śląsk Wrocław!

What can and can’t I bring to the stadium?

* To the stadium You cannot bring items specified in the law Concerning the safety of mass events. Large backpacks, umbrellas or unnecessary items They can be left at deposit points It is located at the gates of the Mujahideen. Krolevica and Lutniza. You can bring it to the match Plastic bottle with a drink with a maximum capacity of 0.5 liters.

Where can I buy Silesia products?

* If you want to buy a Silesian tool or clothing – visit the club sales points:
FanShop #NaStadionieAt the entrance from the Mujahideen. Krolevica
– “okrąglak”, at the entrance of the Mujahideen. airline
– Standing in the family sector
– A tent next to the #NaStadione FanShop
– Stand in the VIP sector
– A tent with scarves near the multi-storey car park

How will I enter the field?

*The most convenient way to enter sectors A and D is from Lotnicza Street. The entrance to sectors B and C is from Królewiecka Street.

* Do not stand in line at the turnstile before entering the stadium! Your ticket will work at each turnstile at a specific stand, so choose the one with the fewest people and get into the stands quickly.

* He remembers! If you pass through the turnstile, you will not be able to return to the arena. So take advantage of all the opportunities available in the arena and then head to the stands through the turnstile.

The video below will be helpful to get you where you are:

How will I get to the stadium?

* We encourage you to come to the match by public transportation. Trams and buses reach the stadium. To the stadium of the Mujahideen. We can reach Krolevica (sectors B and C) by tram lines 21 and 18 and buses 101, 102, 103, 104, 123, 127 and 152. We can reach sectors A and D (from Lutniza Street) by trams 3, 10 and 20. You can check the schedule here.

* attention! The city of Wroclaw launched special MPK lines To facilitate transportation for Śląsk fans:
– The special tram line T1, which will run approximately every 10 minutes from 3 to 4:50 p.m., will take WKS fans on the route Dworzec Główny – Tarczyński Arena (Królewiecka)
– Special bus line S1, which will run approximately every 5 minutes from the end of the match on the route Tarczyński Arena (Królewiecka) – Dworzec Główny (Dworcowa)
– Special tram line T1, which will run approximately every 3 to 6 minutes after the end of the match at Tarczyński Arena (Królewiecka) – Main Railway Station Road
– Special tram line T2, which will run approximately every 3-5 minutes from the end of the match on the route Leśnica – Galeria Dominikańska
– Special bus line S2, which will run approximately every 5 minutes from the end of the match on the route Pilczyce – Main Railway Station (Dworcowa)

The full timetable and all additional MPK line stations can be found here.

*If you’re commuting by car, we also have some useful information for you. The A8 Wrocław Motorway runs next to the Tarczyński Arena. To get to the stadium, you can take the AOW exit “Wrocław Stadion”, “Wrocław Północ” or “Wrocław Mokronos Dolny”. With such a large attendance, you are encouraged to use exits other than the Wrocław Stadium, as it may be very crowded, which will lead to traffic jams. We remember that the police manage traffic in the stadium area.

Where will I park the car?

We remind you of the parking rules during the Śląsk vs. Legion. Parking fees are paid directly at the stadium through the PAYSTATION parking meter or by mobile persons appointed by the parking operator. Payment can only be made by credit card! In other parking lots near the stadium, you can only pay in cash. Please see the map below:

Parking spaces available during Śląsk meetings:

* Parking A2 (payment by card)

* A3 car park (payment by card)

* A4 car park (payment by card)

* Parking lot “Szczecińska” (cash payment)

* Parking at AOW “Maślicka” (cash payment)

* “Królewiecka” parking (cash payment)

More information about parking at Tarczyński Arena can be found on the website Stadium location.

Where can I buy drinks and snacks?

We encourage you to use the catering kiosks located at all booths. To improve customer service Drinks will be served in bottles, not poured into cups. In the courtyard of Pavilion C, you can also try the famous “Muthanna” dish, and we invite you to shop in it Tarczyński’s FoodTruck. During the meeting with Ligia There will also be cell phone sales in the stands Basic snacks and drinks. From 15:30 the opening will be in the square next to Pavilion C (directly next to the Silesian Museum) “Brewer Stu Musto Sports Bar”Where you can also buy food and drinks. Due to the match being classified as a “high risk match”, no alcohol will be sold at the stadium.

What can I do before the match?

The doors of Tarczyński Arena open exceptionally at 3:30 p.m We strongly encourage you to arrive at the stadium as soon as possible. This will not only allow you to enter the stadium and find your seat safely and comfortably, without queues, but also take advantage of the opportunities that arise before the match.

Fans will be waiting from 3:30 p.m Silesian Museum Wrocław (10% discount for season ticket holders and #ŚLĄLEG ticket holders), where you can learn about the club’s history and unique exhibitions. It is located right next door “Night sports club”with an interesting gastronomic offer.

There are plenty of attractions awaiting young fans, who, as we know, have the hardest time “sitting still.” It will be especially rich in pre-match entertainment Sektor Rodzini, the Biedronka department store chain sponsored this match. The sponsor has prepared a lot of attractions, such as face painting, several thousand balloons, an eco-friendly cube with an educational toy, giveaways, football tattoos, coloring pages with football players and a cute mascot waiting for photos with you. Additional attractions will also be available on the promenade at the entrance from ul. Krolevica. In total, there will be competitions with prizes, tools for fans, sports fitness stations, inflatables, a meet and greet with WKS players, games with the mascots, including the Silesian Eagle, a PlayStation, a sports area for young children, and an art corner. More about the pre-game attractions here.

Before the start of the match, we also invite you to take advantage of the gastronomic offer at Browar Stu Mostów Sport Bar and the stalls and kiosks located in the arena (“Flexible”).

The most frequently asked questions and answers are available in the ticket FAQ, which you will find next Click on Tescape from.

Dear fans – beware of cheaters!

We receive information about ticket sales by third parties. Remember that tickets to Ekstraklasa matches are personal tickets and you must present a valid photo ID matching the data on the ticket when entering the stadium.

If you have any doubts, write to: [email protected].

Let’s come early and support Olsk together in the round match! See you soon, #THRICOLOURS!

Author: Bartosz Rabinda, Jedrzej Rybak, Photo. Adriana Fisk

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