Big bang!  Play in the Champions League for the first time ever!  baek nothing

After the first matches, I expected a lot of emotions in the Shakhtar-Monaco match. In the first match, the Ukrainian team was better, winning 1-0 in France and had to defend a positive result in the second leg. However, Niko Kovac’s players recovered from the loss very quickly – Ben Yedder scored in the 18th minute. Even before the break, the French hit the net for the second time.

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“Grosicki picked the right time to come back. He’s tired of going around the world”

But in the 74th minute, Marlos scored, leading to an aggregate tie! football players AS Monaco They had 15 minutes to score the crucial goal. But this did not work, and additional time should decide the fate of the upgrade.

Recently, one of the most unusual goals was decided about the fate of the promotion. Sheriff’s players started to respond. The ball bounced off Aguilar’s leg and lifted Nobile, who had no opportunity to interfere. Thus, Shakhtar won promotion to the group stage!

Great feeling came true!

But the most interesting match was the match between them Dynam Zagreb The Sheriff of Tiraspol. In the first match, the Moldovan team impressively won by 3-0, which put Damir Krznar’s team in a very difficult situation. It seemed like the Dynamo players were starting to make up for the losses to give themselves a chance to grab a promotion.

Three teams advanced to the LM Group stage. How tired of this lottery!

But at the beginning of the match, the players had a great chance Sherif. Teal received the ball in the penalty area but only hit the post. Since then, Dynamo players have had the advantage, but not much has come of it. Much could have changed in the 77th minute. Orsić hit the net, but the referee decided that the Dinamo player was in an offside position and rejected the goal. Until the end of the match the result did not change and the sensation became a reality – the Sheriff of Tiraspol was promoted to the group stage. Champions League.

Before the tie, Dynamo looked like the favorites to move up. Last season, the Croatian club was only knocked out in the quarter-finals European ChampionshipsIn the 2019/20 season, he played in the Champions League group stage. On the other hand, Sherif was in the group stage of the most important European club competitions for the first time in his history.

Salzburg confirmed its superiority in the first leg

The RB Salzburg players went into the replay in very good shape. In their court, they won 2:1 with Brwindby During the meeting in Denmark they had to defend the lead. But the players of the Austrian club did not intend to defend the result, but immediately rushed to attack. It brought instant results – Cisco scored first in the fourth minute, and after six minutes Aaronson increased the score.

Benfica - Eindhoven, rematch in St.  Champions League.  Fireworks the night before the game.  Source: AP and TwitterTough moments for the players before the decisive match in the Champions League. “Deadly Night”

At this point, Salzburg was already 4-1 on aggregate and there was nothing that could threaten Matthias Geisel’s team. The Danes tried to reduce losses even more – in the 62nd minute Maxo scored a goal, but this goal only reduced the scale of the defeat. The score remained the same until the end of the match.

Thus, we get to know the last three teams that have already won promotion to the group stage Champions League: R. B. Salzburg, Sheriff Tiraspol, aw Game Shakhtar turned out to be better for the last place.

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