What’s next for “The Last of Us”?  This is Ellie’s new project
After high-profile roles in TV series “game of thrones” And “the last of us” Bella Ramsey is involved in another project. He will appear on the big screen in a fashion movie “brutal beauty”. The cast also includes Dominic West, Ruth Negga, and Fiona Shaw.

“Brutal Beauty” – what role will we see Ramsay?

As we read in the official description of the plot, the events of the film will take place in the seventeenth century. The heroine will be an extraordinary young woman Barbara Field (Ramsey), who was born with a rare condition – her whole body is covered with hair. Despite her poor background, she received a proper education which enabled her to join the lavish and decadent court of King Charles II (Dominic West). It was a place where people of exceptional appearance intertwined with high-born aristocracy.

The plot of the film combines fictional events and real historical figures. Ruth Negga (“In Between”) will play King Nell Gwen’s mistress, and Fiona Shaw (“Killing Eve”) will play Aphra Ben, history’s first published playwright.

Romola Garay, actress best known for the “Atonement” or “One Day” movies, wrote and directed the movie. This will be her second full-length project – in 2020 she will debut with Amulet of Horror, the creator herself admitted: JI am very excited to bring my script, which I have worked on for many years, to be brought to the screen. The deep need to express one’s feelings and to be appreciated by those around them is the desire of my heroine and all of us. I am so excited to create my film with such an amazing array of talent. These are the people who responded to Barbara’s story with empathy, understanding, and love.

Filming is scheduled to begin in September. The project will be presented to potential buyers from all over the world at the exhibition, which, as it does every year, accompanies the festival in Cannes.

Bella Ramsey – Not Just The Last of Us

In his acting resume, Ramsay had roles in the films “Holmes and Watson”, “Judy”, “The Unbroken” or “Catherine Cold Birdie” became Elizabeth. The latest production also starring director Romola Garay “Monstrous Beauty”.

Below we remind you of the episode of “Serial Killers”, where Łukasz Muszyński and Michał Walkiewicz discussed the first episode of “The Last of Us”

“The Last of Us” – review of the first episode of the series

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