Chef Colombe St-Pierre may end his career as a restaurateur after closing his fine restaurant in the Big District of Rimouski.

“If I don't Principals!Last year, I would have closed my restaurant,” said the chef-owner of the famous restaurant Chez Saint-Pierre on Sunday evening. True nature.

“I don't know how I'm going to get out of this,” he added, emphasizing the brutality of the restaurant environment. Because despite her fame, her background and the elegance of her signature dishes, she still experiences the rigors of her environment.

“I'm still working 19-hour days and I've worked all three pregnancies until I had miscarriages two days after my delivery… sometimes it's a bit intense,” she admits.

In the coming years, the restaurateur may make a career change and perhaps jump into politics.

When Colombe St-Pierre created his gourmet restaurant in Bas-Saint-Laurent, always a non-conformist, he didn't get much encouragement from his peers, he told Jean-Philippe Dion.

“They were wrong that I would screw up, but they were right that I would poop,” she laughed later.

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