Clout MMA 4: Live Fight Results.  Check who won their duels

Despite several controversies related to previous festivals, another Clout MMA 4 concert was organised, this time in Lodz. The selection of fights certainly did not disappoint fans of bizarre combat. They were the first to enter the cage Wojciech “Rekordzista” Sobierajski and Rafael “Boro” BorkowskiRight after they entered the cage Piotr “Lesak” Lizakowski and Przemysław “Sekonto” Skulski. These fights were available live on YouTube.

In the third match, it was already broadcast on PPV “Been trolled” He turned the tide of the fight from the third round until the end Piotr “Bestia” Piechowiak was finished by TKO. Also by TKO, Daniel Omielańczyk defeated Kamil “King Kong” Minda who suffered an injury. then Adrian Seuss He defeated Paweł “Prezes” Jóźwiak via unanimous decision from the judges, essentially dominating the fight from the first round.

Another fight ended early, as Michal “Zbuku” Buczek defeated Paweł “Major SPZ” Majewski.

There are still more exciting battles ahead. Most interesting are the duel between Marcin Nijman and Jacek Moranski and the performance of PiS MP's wife Marianna Schreiber. The influential activist “Juha” was supposed to confront Magical, but she was arrested on Friday. The alternative was “Lexi”, who could fight up to two battles in one ceremony.

Clout MMA 4: Live Fight Results. Check who won

Main Card (PPV Only):

  • Lexi Chaplin Vs. Mariana “Kroloa” Schreiber – K-1, small gloves*
  • Marcin “Cesars” Najman Vs. Jacek “Moran” Moranski – Dirty street boxer without limits
  • David “The Madman” Zalecki Vs. Patrick “Big Boo” Maciak – K-1, mini gloves
  • Michal “Zbuko” Buczek defeated by TKO Powell “Major SPZ” Majewski
  • Marta “Linkmaster” Linkevich She defeated Lexa Chaplin via unanimous decision
  • Adrian Seuss Paweł “Prezes” Jóźwiak was defeated by unanimous decision of the judges
  • Daniel Omelachuk Kamil “King Kong” Minda was defeated by TKO (rival injured)
  • Sebastian “Zetroloani” Nowak Piotr “Bestia” Piechojak was defeated by TKO In the third round
  • Przemyslaw “Sequento” Skulski Piotr “Lizak” Lizakowski was defeated by The decision to divide the judges – United Labor Council
  • Wojciech “Rekordista” Sobierajski Rafał “Boro” Borovski was defeated by Unanimous decision of the judges – United Labor Council

Jacek Muranski/Press materials/external materials/Pulsat Sport

Marianna Schreiber – MMA influence/The influence of mixed martial arts/Press materials

Plage Augustin: Budzianowski didn't surprise me at all. MMA Influence 1. Video/INTERIA.TV/INTERIA.TV

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