Civilization 6 will teach you management;  Research confirms this
August 13, 2022, 13:21

If you play any of the installments in the turn-based Civilization Strategies series, you can be pretty good at managing. There is scientific confirmation of this.


  1. Research shared by the Review of Managerial Science shows that people play in civilization They are better in management than those who have not played the title.
  2. In addition, it has been found that data related to playing strategy games can be useful in assessing, among other things, human personality.

Have you ever fired yourself, for example, Civilization VI Just for entertainment? It turns out that you can get more from it than just having a good time. According to an article by management science review players civilization They are better at solving and managing problems In the general sense of the word from people who did not have a connection with this game.

Related research civilization It has been published in the Review of Managerial Science since 2020, but only recently became popular. Mainly by appearing in reddit Excerpts from these notes.

The ‘experiment’ involved forty students participating in a series of exercises (related to problem solving and management) as soon as they played a game from the series. civilization. all players They got higher results in the exercises than those who did not deal with the mentioned title. Unfortunately, how long the study participants played the title was not specified.

Civilization 6 will teach you management;  Research confirms this - Illustration #1

Source: Reddit

Moreover, it has also been found that game data, such as player interactions and chat messages, make products like civilizationIt can be used to assess a person’s personality or communication style. This applies not only to Opus Magnum Sid Meier, but strategy games in general.

The above research proves that productions of this type have a positive effect on players’ skills related to management and analytical thinking. The same article in Management Science Review cites the words of Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta Platforms (Facebook). He said in 2016:

I played civilization from high school. This is my favorite strategy game and one of the reasons for my interest in engineering.

If you’ve ever thought about administrative work, you’ll probably play civilization I will help you with this. If you want to delve deeper into the research published in the Management Science Review, you will find a link to it over here.

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