New PS Plus – players have discovered an exploit;  Sony is fighting them quietly
April 28, 2022, 21:02

Western gamers figured out a way to buy a PS Plus Premium subscription relatively cheaply – a few years ago. Sony is trying to fight them silently. This situation (fortunately?) does not apply to users from Poland.

players in the west they started plural, so Sony has quietly put an end to its unfair practices. The changes that will be made to the PS Plus subscription in a few weeks are to blame for the complete confusion.

The case does not apply to Poland, but only to those countries where PlayStation Now is available so far, allowing game streaming. It will soon be combined with the three-variant version of PS Plus and therefore will be expanded to a number of other countries, including Poland. You will read the details about it hereAnd here And here.

The correct position of the Sony …

His absence in our country makes it impossible for us to use some kind of “exploitation”, which, for example, players from the United States began to abuse. Sony promised that on the day the service was moved to the new plan Anyone who actively subscribes to both PS Plus and PS Now will automatically get access to the most expensive version of the new subscription, PlayStation Plus Premium.

… versus exploiting players

Exhibition? Yeah. However, some players have seen that the period for which PS Plus Premium will be allocated depends on which of the two aforementioned services ends later. This encouraged them to extend their subscriptions for months or even years.

Take countermeasures

Apparently Sony knew what was going on because they blocked the purchase of PS Now (via Eurogamer). This was clearly not enough and the company had to go a step further – Temporarily prevent redemption of prepaid cards.

Players’ disappointment

As mentioned by the site PushSquare.comPlayers have started reporting the issue to Sony Support. There, however Disappointment awaits them. A PlayStation user should have received this answer:

I have checked the coupon and your account and can say that the functionality of linking PS Plus / PS Now membership to already active subscriptions has been temporarily deactivated.

Another player described a similar issue on their Twitter account Ask PlayStation UKBut in response, it was only returned to Helpdesk page.

Find out which players are waiting for the new PS Plus release

Source: Twitter.

Possible consequences

However, the worst thing is that Unfair practices of some players may make life difficult for others – Those who simply want to buy PS Plus for another month with a prepaid card. We in Poland (fortunately?) do not have this problem.

More importantly, Sony has yet to release an official statement on the matter.

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