China expelled films starring Keanu Reeves from VODs.  The actor also disappears from search engines

As reported by US pop culture portals, China has decided to exclude all 19 films it has appeared in from VODs, including streaming platforms such as Tencent, Bilibili and Xigua Video. Keanu Reeves. This turn of events is a belated reaction to the fact that on March 3 this year. The actor participated in the charity event of the charity Tibet House US Benefit, expressing his support for the freedom of Tibet. For years, the authorities of the Middle Kingdom were aware of all manifestations of solidarity with this autonomous region, which in the middle of the twentieth century was permanently absorbed by China and subjugated to Beijing.

Reeves was originally scheduled to perform the concert in question, but eventually decided to recite the famous poem “Pull My Daisy” by Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac and Neil Cassady. There was also, among others, Paul Simon, Iggy Pop, Sandra Oh and Stephen Colbert.

It is not clear at the moment who is behind the decision to expel the actor’s films starring Chinese VODs. However, it should be noted that Internet users from the Middle Kingdom will no longer find the name and surname of Reeves (Jinu Liweisi) written in Chinese when trying to enter them into the search engine – during this attempt, an error message appears informing that the search results were not found.

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