Charlotte Cardin at Agora: Undefeated in spite of illness

“Super sore”? so what ! It would have taken a lot more than a nasty virus to stop Charlotte Cardin from giving her adoring fans a sweet evening of pop during two sold-out concerts at the Agora in Quebec on Thursday evening.

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“I wouldn’t miss it for the world,” said the head of the St-RochXP festival, after informing the public of his condition and asking for their vocal support when needed.

Despite a few coughs and light scratches towards the end of his journey, the need was not felt. Charlotte passed the distance of the card without fail.

During his dangerous flights Puppy And a dramatic rise Dad is a psychoHis mid-concert rendition was demanding Anyone who loves meIt confirmed that she was not the type to shy away from suffering.

Questions in question

After her successful concert in front of 60,000 people on the opening night of the summer festival, Charlotte Cardin is back in town with her latest baby. 99 nightsPublished two weeks ago.

He played all 12 songs from the album. Questionable choice. Despite the obvious qualities 99 nightsWe like to cut a title or two to keep public favorites on the project, like her cover Crazy everywhereDaniel Belanger, OR Dirty dirtyThey are the highlights of her concerts and what she has been doing lately.

Another song in French would have been included. The only words in Vigneault’s language echoed during the chorusHell, Bilingual Innovation. In Quebec, we would have had more, especially since his French singing is delightful.

Pop magnet

Despite these flaws, it must be recognized that Charlotte Gardin has become an incomparable pop magnet. That she dances with passion LoopingShe accompanies herself on guitar Dad Or at the piano in the light of cell phones next to you His charm works every time.

A bare stage with only continuous lights in the background and the choice of its musicians, ensured that all attention was constantly focused on the 28-year-old performer.

The concert also helped to take the temperature of the water regarding the popularity of the songs 99 nights And even if energetic Jim Carrey or closing ditch how tall have developed major competitors Confetti Hands down winner.

After greeting her parents, Charlotte ended Cardin’s evening with a very beautiful dedication The main girlHis oldest song on the menu is for 9-year-old Rosalie, one of his many young fans who is allowed to stay up late on a school night.

  • Charlotte Gardin will return to the stage at the Agora on Friday evening. She will then leave Quebec until February for a world tour that will take her to Europe, the United States, Canada and Cairo, Egypt.

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