Valentine's Day songs

Are you ready and ready for your Valentine dinner? When do you do this? I know, obviously not. It falls on a Monday, not a romantic evening. No big deal, just do it the night before. Christmas is celebrated on the 24th and New Year on the 31st, so why not celebrate Valentine’s Day on the 13th? Perfect for a beautiful Sunday. Well no, this is Super Bowl! And we may have many at home. Let’s take advantage of it! We are not going to book dinner for each other. For two years we have been eating dinner alone! In the bubble.

Released at 6:00 p.m.

There is only one chance: tonight! In addition, St-Louis Canadiens is playing this afternoon. You will not miss anything. What can this feast for two do to not look like an all-in-one dinner for an infection?

We dress hard. Or rather soft, not smooth. Candles. Children with grandparents. Alcohol. And the music, of course. There is nothing better than getting yourself in the mood.

This is to create a list. It won’t be hard, there’s no shortage of love songs. Exactly, that is the problem. There is more. At the same time, there are not enough of them. You understand.

Let’s go. What to start with? Your favorite singer is Charlotte Cardin? Good choice! Which song? Passive aggression ? OK!

Hallelujah baby
We are no longer together

It breaks Party ! Dirty-dirty ?

So I can cry for my age, my life and my face
I will wipe away the dirty, dirty thoughts I had about you.

A little complicated relationship. Female hand ?

Don’t let me hang on
You misunderstood me

Insults, Valentine’s Day evening? There really is no time. The heart of a pirate, first? Which? forget me ? Do not call me ? You will not be there ? Farewell ? For a betrayal ? You can die there ? Three ? Let’s forget about it. Pierre Lapointe? In the forest of the unloved ? I hate my life ? Blues ? You are alone, you will be alone ?

Good. Let’s get to the best classics: Jack Brell.

Do not leave me
I will
The shadow of your shadow
The shade of your dog

A little intense between the two sushi. Old lovers song ? Yes, beauty is real.

Of course you took some lovers
We had to pass the time
The body should be happy

Should the conversation turn to your frustration? When we have only love, Sure, it’s appropriate, but in the end, Braille cries so loud that if it’s a hindrance to grandparents, there is a risk of waking the baby. Sardo?

To make all the Marquis de Chat pale
To shame the harlots of the port …
I love you

I’m scared. Especially if it is a first date. Ferrero?

Over time, go, everything will disappear.
Over time, we will no longer fall in love

The dessert may go unnoticed. Asnavur? Yes, Asnavur! You can not go wrong, it rhymes with love!

Love is like a day,
It’s going, it’s going, darling

How sad Venice is during dead love
How sad Venice is when you are no longer in love

Now we will not look together
Henceforth, my heart will live beneath the ruins

You need to know how to get off the table
When love is exchanged
Without catching the pitiful wind
But exit quietly

Makes it feel like washing dishes while screaming.

My heart will continue, Celine? Do you really want to pair your pair? Titanic ? Ginetta? Give me tenderness ? Tenderness, even on Valentine’s Day? There is no spice in it. I will always love you From Whitney? Have you forgotten that Bodyguard Shoot and leave his supporter? Yesterday, Band? This is not the time to miss your ex-friends.

Think about it, there are more songs for those who dine alone than there are two-year-olds on Valentine’s Day.

So play Alexandra Strelisky. She provides the music and the lyrics will be the sweetest words you can exchange with your loved one.

Happy Valentine’s Day, lovers, lovers!

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