Charlotte Blair's message after her surgery

As noted in Catch-Newz, Charlotte Flair had to go under the knife in early January 2024 to repair a triple ligament tear in her knee.

Charlotte Flair had surgery on January 4 and made a news release on Twitter Thanks to fans for the many messages of support. She wrote:

“Thank you for all the lovely positive messages and flowers. I feel fully supported. It took me a few days and a lot of tears to figure it all out. I am an expert at overthinking and this was the first time I was scared. I'm afraid of the unknown, but I feel like I'm missing out on what I'm most proud of: being an athlete. I didn't like my body showing weakness, it made me vulnerable. I know I will grow but this is very new to me. Going to 2024 was a huge blow for me mentally and obviously physically. 2023 has been a roller coaster and I'm trying to stay positive, that's the only way to stop, focus, rebuild and finally win again.''

Today, Charlotte Flair posted a video in which she says it's her first day moving her knee since surgery:

Charlotte Flair's road to recovery will be a long one. His return is currently slated for October 2024, but could vary depending on the progress of his recovery and WWE's plans at that time.

Photo credit: @MsCharlotteWWE

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