“True Nature”: “If I had my choice, I would have wanted the television adventure to continue” – Claude Desrochers

Host Claude Desrochers returns Sunday evening True natureIn recent years he has disappeared from the airwaves.

At the helm of the success programs Clod's Seasons And Clodin' quite simply The presenter, who topped the charts for more than 13 years, admitted that she would not have thought about her career if her shows were cancelled.

“I am not a businessman. Two years before it ended I said to myself: “Well, I'll start walking around the garden”, but when it really happens … Bhew,” he told Jean-Philippe Dion, noting that he experienced the end of his show as a mourning.

“When it's back to school, when you're not back to school… it's been tough… but it takes a break,” she said.

Claude Desrochers appeared on “La Verité Nature” on Sunday, March 24, 2024.

Photo provided by TVA

After leaving the airwaves, Claude Desrochers began a career change, becoming a representative in the medical and pharmaceutical industry.

“But if I had the choice, I'm sure I would have wanted the TV adventure to continue,” said the host, who recently returned to the screen, appearing on the distribution of 2.e the season Get me out of here!.

“I wanted to do the show and it would be great if it opened doors for me,” he admitted to Jean-Philippe Dion on Sunday evening, not hiding his fear of disappointment.

“I don't have the courage to set high expectations at this level anymore. So don't be disappointed. Because I was a lot.

“Even my mother ordered my coffin”

During her weekend at Jean-Philippe Dion's chalet, Clodine Desrochers learns that Jean-Philippe Dion spent the first years of her life in hospital due to a birth defect, unknown to her parents or doctors.

“My mother gradually sank into depression. Even though she called the funeral home to order my small coffin,” she said confidently, as her father called back to explain his wife’s condition and cancel his order.

Get me out of here! Airs Sundays at 6:30pm on TVA. True nature Then broadcast the voice9:30 pm These shows are available for catch up TVA+.

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