First public outing for Julie Hole and her boyfriend

On August 8, the grand Montreal premiere Notre Dame of ParisA new version of the music created 25 years ago by Luke Plamondon and Richard Gosiande. While this 2022 version will feature new faces including Elhaida Dani in the role of Esmeralda and Gian Carlo Schiaretti in the skin of Phoebus, it also marks the return of Bruno Pelletier and Daniel Lavoie. A host of stars were spotted at the premiere evening, including Julie Houle, who arrived on the arms of her new partner Bernard.

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“We’ve been together for a year and a half, but this is our first official release. We met through mutual friends. It was our last weekend without kids, so we decided to go for a week. road trip Somewhere in America on a motorcycle. It’s an interest we have in common and we even did our driving lessons together. He passed his test much faster than me and he had to wait for me, but hey, I passed and we discovered new roads on the bike before returning to work at the end of the month.

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