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PAP / Leszek Szymański / In the photo: Michał Probierz

Dariusz Tozemek

If Mikael Proppers’ greatest success was the 2-0 win over the Faroe Islands, which played half the game with ten men, then I thank you. I’m getting off this “tram of lies.” Let’s stop pretending he is the best coach Poland can afford.

I can honestly and honestly admit that I was skeptical about Michel Probers’ stint in the national team from the beginning. I may be among a group – which seems very large – of inconsolable “orphans” after Marek Babzon, who was not chosen as coach of the team, so I watch the actions of the former Jagiellonia coach very carefully.

Somehow, I don’t feel that the way the current Polish team is going to play is the result of a carefully planned strategy, carefully chosen tactics, or good personnel choices. I have the distinct impression that the Whites and Reds playing each other is mostly a result of chance, a combination of different circumstances and the individual skills of the individual players.

If someone suddenly shakes, the action will go a little, but there is no coordination, there is no repetition, there is no progression, there is no system, and it is not even possible to predict whether we will win this time against a big competitor, for example Moldova, will we On the doses after all?

The national team’s performance lately has become like driving an old car with a broken gearbox: the car chokes, suffocates, sputters every now and then, and you never know whether it will go up the hill or roll down. This hiccup has been going on for our employees for a long time. It started when Micheniewicz was in his twilight years and continued throughout Fernando Santos’ disastrous tenure, and Michel Probers didn’t change it either.

Watch the video: Comedy in a Polish league match. The recording is already circulating online

Touchstone’s supporters will say he had little time. Moreover, he himself recently said directly: It was not me who lost the eliminations. The national team – when I took over – was in the same place it is now.

genuinely? Such translations do not convince me. Because we did not call the “firefighter” to the fire so that he would finally say by disarming it that it had burned down, because there was a fire, why are you bothering me, I did not set it on fire!

Let’s be honest: beating Moldova was enough and our fate was in our hands. Then we will treat the match against the Czech Republic as a World Cup final. With hope, but also with faith.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t beat a mediocre team like Moldova. And also with the Czechs. So, if Coach Touchstone’s greatest success was the 2-0 win over the Faroe Islands, who played half the game with ten men, then I thank you. I’m getting off this “tram of lies.” Let’s stop pretending that Michal Proppers is the best coach Poland can afford.

Of course, I’m not attributing the elimination debacle to Touchstone’s fault, because that would be very unfair. Santos and, above all, the players have failed, but I can never excuse the current coach.

Trust in him was limited from the beginning. His candidacy as coach was the original sin – it is difficult to believe that Probierz would have become the coach if the head of the Polish Football Association had been someone other than Cesare Kuleza.

It’s hard for me to believe in Touchstone – with all due respect. There is nothing seductive about that. Because the coach must have something of a… shaman, who people (in this case, players and fans) believe will magic reality and get us out of trouble. He can do it!

From the beginning of his tenure, Touchstone was dragging this national team like – in the words of Leo Beenhakker – a dead horse across the field. We all see that things are difficult and there is no hope that things will get a little easier in an instant. It is no longer possible to listen to Probers making false claims and saying some nonsense, for example that Marcin Boca and Camil Grabara do not fit into the goalkeeping hierarchy, because Dragowski is higher. It’s unfortunate to hear that Touchstone considered two defenders for the Czechs: Aleks Laonicka from Zaglebie Lubin and…Miosz Trujak from Corona Kielce! seriously?

I will insist that the topic of the coach’s resignation is not premature at all. Because the playoffs are coming soon. I do not feel that Michel Proppers is the right captain for this ship. I don’t see any major idea, concept or strategy here. Instead, throw yourself from wall to wall (peda to pitch, peda to relays), messing up and patching holes where it’s currently leaking the most. He is not a specialist who can competently carry out a general overhaul of this team. This renewal is necessary.

If everything remains the same until March, we will once again see a movie called: Big Chaos. Sure, we can count on luck, but – damn it – let’s at least buy a lottery ticket.

Dariusz Tozemek, WP SportoweFakty

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