As the 2023 Women’s world cup takes off, we have decided to look retrospectively at the countries that emerged victorious in the past world cups. Get ready to take a walk with us. Perhaps, you are invested in this, you could get more information about the best sites to bet on, teams that qualified, where to watch, etc. 

The women’s FIFA world cup has gained popularity and viewership worldwide for over a decade. This spectacular tournament takes place every four years and has witnessed a lot of triumphs and groundbreaking achievements. Punters have also explored by wagering on different bet options available. 

In this blog post, we reminisce on past world cup events and their winners. While we journey through the past, we also hope to celebrate their remarkable victories and effects on the sport. 

1991: USA, The Maiden Triumphs  

The inaugural Women’s FIFA world cup tournament occurred 32 years ago in China, three years after the 1988 FIFA Women’s Invitation tournament. Only 12 countries participated in this maiden event: Nigeria, the USA, China, Norway, Sweden, Italy, Brazil, New Zealand, Japan, Chinese Taipei, and Denmark. Canada didn’t qualify; this was the only year they didn’t. 

The USA team was led by remarkable foots such as Michelle Akers and Carin Jennings, which made them the inaugural champion. Their 2-1 triumph against Norway will mark the beginning of many more feats and inspire many female players in the United States. 

Golden Ball: Carin Jennings (United States)

Golden Boot: Michelle Akers-Stahl (United States) 

1995: Norway Came Back for the Cup 

The 1995 world cup took place in Scandinavia and, like the one that preceded it, had 12 entries. The entries included teams from every continent, as the Australian team took the spot of the New Zealand team this year. The tournament also had an all-time low viewership this year. 

The tournament was eventful, with Norway scaling through seamlessly and hoisting the trophy after a clean 2-0 win against Germany in the finals. 

Golden Boot: Hege Riise (Norway) 

Golden Ball: Ann Kristin Aarones (Norway)

1999: Americans Triumph Again 

The 1999 tournament occurred on American soil, and the trophy came home, making it their second title. This world cup had 16 entries, surpassing the previous years.

The finals were between two hosts, USA and China. The show attracted over 90,000 fans. The game spiraled toward a penalty shootout, which the USA won. 

Golden Ball: Sun Wen (China)

Golden Boot: Sun Wen (China) and Sissi (Brazil)

Golden Gloves: Gao Hong (China) and Brianna Scurry (United States)

2003: Germany Hoists the First Cup of 21st Century 

Again, FIFA hosted the world cup on American soil, and 16 teams vied for victory. However, unlike the 1999 tournament, the USA didn’t dominate this time around. Germany took the baton this time, winning both the men’s and women’s world cups. Germany and Sweden vied for the title well into extra time before Germany won 2 to 1. 

This year was the year Canada had the best finish. They progressed into the semi-final before falling to Sweden. They also lost to the USA in the third-place match, which finalized their position at fourth. 

Golden Ball: Birgit Prinz (Germany)

Golden Boot: Birgit Prinz (Germany) 

Golden Glove: Silke Rottenberg (Germany)

2007: Germany Dominates 

China hosted the world cup for the second time, and Germany came to the tournament with a splendid display of grit and raw talent, taking home another win. This successive win gave Germany the title of the best team worldwide. 

During this tournament, Germany decimated their opponent, Argentina, with a record-breaking win of 11-0. This match became the highest-scoring match in Women’s world cup history until 2019. The team went on in the tournament without conceding a goal and won the finals against Brazil at 2-0. 

Golden Ball: Marta (Brazil)

Golden Boot: Marta (Brazil) 

Golden Glove: Nadine Angerer (Germany)

2011: Japan Triumphs 

The 2011 Women’s world cup in Germany was one of the most tumultuous in soccer history. Japan’s awe-inspiring journey from becoming the first Asian team to hoist a world cup captured the hearts of many fans worldwide. 

Led by Homare Sawa, the team matched on with an invincible spirit to thump the United States in the finals. This move served as an inspiration showing the power of team spirit and determination. 

Golden Ball: Homare Sawa (Japan)

Golden Boot: Homare Sawa (Japan) 

Golden Glove: Hope Solo (United States)

2015: The Reign of USA Returns 

The 2015 world cup took place in Canada, marking the rise of the USA as the superpower in the Women’s FIFA world cup. Also, the number of countries that participated increased from 16 to 24. 

Almost like a repeat of history, Japan and America meet again in the finals. However, the USA came more than prepared, nailing an astounding victory of 5-2. Faced against a team led by Carli Lloyd and Abby Wambach, Japan didn’t stand a chance. Carli Lloyd put an unforgettable hat trick into the goal and etched her name in America’s history. 

Golden Ball: Carli Lloyd (United States)

Golden Boot: Celia Sasic (Germany) 

Golden Glove: Hope Solo (United States)

2019: USA Repeats its Feats 

The world cup that precedes the one happening this year occurred in France. The tournament in this country was faced with tenacity from all the teams. This tournament had 24 teams and was won by no other than the USA. The United States was close to something similar to an unstoppable force, stomping the Netherlands team 2-0. 

This victory by the United States marked their fourth Would cup title. The tournament also witnessed the rise of the England team, which showed tremendous promise. Also, it saw exceptional teamwork from the Netherlands team. 

Golden Ball: Megan Rapinoe (United States)

Golden Boot: Megan Rapinoe (United States)

Golden Glove: Sari van Veenendaal (Netherlands)

The Women FIFA World Cup: 2023 and Beyond

Amidst the 2023 FIFA Women’s world cup, a promising future unfolds for women’s football. As the nations compete, the platform has opened the opportunity to challenge the issue of gender inequality in sports. As each match rolls into play, it drives in more respect for the resilience and talent of women in the sport. 

As a dedicated supporter, we stand by the cause and are excited to see the change it hopes to bring to the world of sport. The journey continues, and we anticipate the fun-filled and exciting moments in Women’s football. 


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