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Big move in our wonderful world of showbiz. Marc Labrèche is working on a new type of talk show for the Noovo channel, which will air in 2023.

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This secret project will be produced by France Beaudoin (Live from the universe, to carry), however, cannot be changed Week of 4 Jules. It is a weekly (and not daily) program where Mark Labrech, surrounded by young collaborators, will receive guests from different worlds, not just stars. It can also be collages and caricatures.

“We are not very advanced in concept. Not signed, nothing official yet, but the folks at Nuovo have shown fascinating transparency,” Mark Labreche told me over the phone.

With the support of his partner Rafael Germain, Marc Lapreche will shoot a pilot project next week, where he will test some ideas and concepts, which could be a skeleton for future episodes.

The thought of working live makes the entertainer and the interviewer nervous.

Photo by Alain Roberge, La Presse Archives

Mark Labreche

I love the literal, the real, the truth, its faults and excesses. It brings me closer to the theater and allows me to speak directly, in real time, to the audience.

Mark Labreche

After completion Tall blonde with a sneaky show At TVA, the anchor never thought of returning to a hybrid formula between talk show and genre. “It’s about creating meetings, asking questions, at least setting aside time for conversation, changing breaths, not necessarily in a structured structure,” explains Marc Labreche.

This new project by Marc Labrèche at Noovo is, at the moment, not signed on death This year At Tele-Quebec. “It’s too early to make that decision,” says the main interested party. The fifth season This year It began with a reduced formula this fall, with two alternate columnists (Emile Perrault, Fred Savard and Simon Bouleris). The departure of a commentator allows Marc Labreche to have an additional guest per episode, giving artists more visibility.

The show no longer focuses on one year and now taps into cultural history everywhere.

“at the level of the atmosphere” in OD

We have the right to eliminate fat, as the poet-chemist Felix put it in his cat’s tongue, “at the level of the atmosphere.” Dual career This week. For the first time in the history of this Cupidon reality show, which takes us back to the time of the Point-Zéro-sur-le-Lac estate in Blainville, the guys plan to evict their own, poor Jonathan. The fireman had a trash can.

Photo from Nuovo website

Jonathan, candidateDual career

All the participants heartily loathe Jonathan, 26, with his grinning bachelorette outfits and discarded shower towels. By slipping a photo of Clemens (or Francine or a blue dress, take your pick) into a red envelope, the guys ensure that his Lambert suitcase is packed and the family’s tyranny ends. Party gooch-tart, gang!

As an observer, this massively disgusting outpouring revealed pettiness and hypocrisy. Personally, it made me look good. Why? Because Jonathan de Saint-Basil-le-Grand, the so-called tyrant of the Villeda broom, on the contrary, made no inappropriate gesture by poisoning the daily lives of his villa mates. He only played Mr. Clean very neatly.

ProductionDual career It is said that he does not hide Jonathan’s dark side from the audience, and it is the clash of personalities between him and the other male actors that makes their coexistence impossible.

“Jonathan said in an interview: the guys are too buffoons, he’s too serious, too dad. He likes to keep order in the house, which doesn’t seem to be the same priority as his roommates. All these factors together inevitably created a distance with the guys, and they found a way to get out on Jonathan’s own. ,” backs Productions J, which is organizing OD for the Nuovo channel. Pres.

Even more disheartening is the energy the contestants used to portray Jonathan as a villain. It means women With big arms that live in a pigsty.

At the very least, two of the show’s – always very shiny – faces, especially Walid and Isaac, would have revealed their identity, and there’s nothing personal about this project, Joe is good. BroThat they never talked behind his back.

That’s why fans scream at Jonathan’s bully, who’s ostracized like a high school cafeteria. In this domestic saga, OD lost strong couples Clemens and Jonathan, but kept two of his star green plants, Felix and Coralie-Maya. It makes no sense.

Still in Martinique, Virginie feared that Philip, already “attached” to Gianna, would be “used.” This same Gianna is “open with her emotions,” while Jimmy the Cowboy feels like an African lion, “We’re criss-crossing in Alaska.” Before leaving his island, Jonathan visits the “Arc de Triomphe” in Paris, he enjoys the “small setting” of a sponsored hotel on the Champs-Élysées, and he “kisses” Clemence, yes, yes.

How can we forget this wonderful scene where Philip and Isaac, who knew about the cameras, “switched” to English, thinking that no one would understand this exotic language, or that Nuovo would never publish parts in Shakespeare’s language.

Oh, boys. There are verses. Especially for Stephen Rousseau STAT.

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