Celine in the CH locker room in Vegas: “She was so beautiful and radiant”

“I can’t assess her condition, but during her time with us, she was the Celine we knew, full of energy, smiling, funny, friendly, simple, loving. It was very comforting.”

Chantal Machabi enjoyed a special moment Monday evening when Celine Dion and her family, her first public outing since her illness was announced, went to meet Montreal Canadiens players and staff after a game against the Vegas Golden Knights. .

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Taking advantage of CH’s visit to Las Vegas, the singer’s representative contacted the club and asked if he could visit the locker room with his children and loved ones after the game.

“When they arrived, I told them I was going to introduce them to the players and that they would be very happy to see them. She said, ‘I don’t want to be disturbed.’ In the morning, he posted a photo of his meeting with Celine on his Instagram account.

A chat with the coach

For 45 minutes, Celine talked to everyone and took photos, especially with head coach Martin Saint-Louis, who managed to show all her admiration.

A screenshot of the Montreal Canadiens X account

“She was very beautiful and bright. She talked a lot, joked a lot. It was a great evening for Celine. It was really fun. […] We were so emotional to see her like that, to see her so well,” says Chantal Machabi.

All the CH players were surprised to see her in the locker room.

“The faces of the heroes… says Mme Maccabeus. My assistant, looking for Samuel Montembault and Raphael Harvey-Pinard, was going to take a shower and went to tell them that Celine was in the locker room and that they didn’t believe him. They did when they arrived God! They were photographed in wetsuits because they didn’t want to miss their chance.

“Stars in the Eyes”

Eventually, the entire team got their moment with the star. “Word got around and they came one by one as it poured, Nick and Cole came at the same time, then Gale, Bezetta. They were all very impressed. There was no one who didn’t come. Everyone had stars in their eyes.

Celine in the CH locker room

A screenshot of the Montreal Canadiens X account

According to Chantal Machabi, Celine Dion’s arrival was the topic of conversation at lunch on Tuesday before she heads to Phoenix to face the Canadiens on Thursday. “Players came to me to ask me to send photos of them with her.”

After all, not every day a planetary star visits them.

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