Melanie Maynard was forced to complete this professional project

Melanie Maynard had some very sad news to share with her followers on Facebook and Instagram about a project close to her heart.

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This morning, he co-hosted a radio show Vincent Deserault And Julien Poirier-MaloThe presenter revealed that she was leaving the microphone WKND 99.5.

Melanie Maynard announced her departure from the station in the coming weeks, before the end of the season, in a joke (and a bit too much!).

She explained that her choice was motivated by the fact that she is in her eighth year in radio, including seven programs on the daily morning show. So it’s a schedule and a very demanding lifestyle for those who broadcast from 5:30am everyday. Add to that the next few very busy months as she takes over Patrice Belanger 22nd season at the helm Sweet saltIn addition to sitting regularly, weekly, on the show Television children together withAndre Robitaille.

“If I had a little more money, I would have tried to keep everything and do all three deals at once, but since my goal is not to be grave-rich, I’m going to leave someone behind. Otherwise the chance to get rich is on the backs of the Leclerc brothers [les patrons de la station]”, she joked.

Check out his announcement here:

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She didn’t close the door on her return, teasing the future as she made the rounds on television, while winking at her colleague at the same station. Etienne Boulaywho announced his retirement from radio… before returning to it a few months later.

Soon, comments poured in from Melanie Maynard’s subscribers, all of whom wished her well for the future, even though they missed her.

No doubt it was a tough decision, but we take our hats off to him for listening!

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