Canary Islands - several hundred shocks a day.  More seismic activity also in Spain

Spanish The Geographical Institute (IGN) reports that several hundred seismic tremors have been recorded near the Canary Islands in the past 24 hours. Some ascended to a size 4.

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Earthquake in Croatia. The city of Petringa was destroyed

Several hundred seismic tremors per day in the Canary Islands

According to a statement issued by scientists from IGNMost of the tremors were recorded in the municipality of El Paso on the island of La Palma. There were no reports of injuries or damage so far. According to experts, the reason for such a situation may be increased activity volcano Comber Vega.

Spain. A village on its way to full renewable energy. They want a clear sky

This in turn has been a concern for a long time – in particular American Scientists believe that the igneous rocks that can occur during the eruption can lead to a massive tsunami that may reach the shores of North and South America. As of Saturday, September 11, the Canary Volcanology Institute (Involcan) has recorded more than 400 tremors in the volcano area alone. Although the tremors were minor, experts were surprised by such a large number of seismic events.

Cumbre Vieja (Spanish for Old Peak) is a dormant volcano located on one of the islands of the Canary Islands archipelago. The volcano from La Palma (covering two-thirds of the southern side of the island) was active twice in the 20th century – it erupted in 1949 and 1971.

Increased activity of the dormant volcano Cumbre Vieja. Earthquakes migrate to the west of the island

“There is also superficial deformation on the island – especially the radar east of Cumber Vega recorded cumulative deformation. The depth of the earthquake at that time was between eight and ten. How many. It is clear that the earthquakes have been migrating a little towards the west of the island in the last hours.” IGN On Tuesday 14th September.

Azerbaijan.  A powerful explosion in the Caspian SeaAzerbaijan. The strong pillar of fire in the sea is the eruption of a mud volcano

According to the Spanish Geographical Institute, in 2021 scientists also observed an increase in seismic activity in southern Spain, and more specifically in Andalusia. In January and August, thousands of tremors greater than 4 were recorded near the cities of Malaga and Granada (i.e. strong enough for most people to feel).

Saturday, August 28, was the most seismically active day. Then in Andalusia, within a few hours, the Earth shook more than 50 times. The strength of the strongest tremors was 4.9 on the Richter scale.

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