Russia: Vladimir Putin held Security Council session after the successes of the Ukrainian counter-offensive

The independent website “The Moscow Times” reported that the successes of Ukrainian soldiers in liberating their country from Russian occupation prompted Vladimir Putin to convene a meeting of the Security Council. According to the Kremlin, the heads of all security services, both houses of parliament and the head of Russian diplomacy participated in Friday’s meeting with the President of Russia. Officially, the Russian authorities do not refer to the Ukrainian counterattack.

In recent days, the Ukrainians moved to the units of the occupier stationed in the south and north of the country. According to, among others, analysts from the American Institute for Research of War (ISW), the defenders in the vicinity of Kharkiv broke through the Russian defense lines, got into enemy operations and could capture the city of Kobyansk in a few days. The Ukrainians – as noted by analysts – have already managed to approach this main logistics center of the Russian forces at a distance of about 20 kilometers.

Ukrainian successes mean – as reported by the independent portal “The Moscow Times” – Russian President Vladimir Putin He called the Security Council on Friday. It was attended – according to the Kremlin – permanent members of the Security Council, twelve high-ranking officials, including the heads of all security structures (Ministry of National Defense, Ministry of Interior, FSB, Foreign Intelligence Service) and representatives of both houses of Parliament. And the Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrovprevious president Dmitry Medvedev and Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev.

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Earlier on Friday, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, confirmed at a news briefing that the Security Council meeting would take place “at midday.” He added that the Kremlin would not comment on the course of military operations (int Ukraine – Ed’s note).

Questions about the Ukrainian counterattack, the answer of the Kremlin spokesperson

Friday’s Kremlin statement did not say whether the successes of Ukrainian forces were discussed during the meeting. It turned out that the members of the Security Council were talking about “the housing of the soldiers of the Russian armed forces, the food supply for world markets (including Ukrainian grain), the supply of Russian fertilizers.”

Vladimir Putin during a meeting with members of the Security Council in the form of a video conference

The meeting was held – as reported by the Kremlin – in the form of a video conference. Russian media, including publicists, reported about him without giving further details.

Dmitriy PeskovIn response to a question about the success of the Ukrainian forces recaptured from the hands of the Russian army Biaklia, with a population of 27,000which is located about 90 kilometers from Kharkiv, answered:.

Ukrainian artillery 2S7 Pune, near Kharkiv, August 26, 2022Ihor Tachiv / Agence France-Presse / Eastern News

Ukrainians for success, Russians marginalized

The Ukrainian General Staff said, on Friday, that the Ukrainian army advanced 50 kilometers into the Kharkiv region within three days. The BBC’s Russian editorial office noted that the Kyiv leadership was reporting for the first time in “plain text” a successful attack in the east of the country. Previously, the Ukrainians were very cautious about the counterattack and appealed to media silence.

Now the Russian side is exercising restraint in the media. Journalists from the Moscow Times note that the Russian Defense Ministry ignored the situation on the northern front. In turn, the Permanent Representative of Russia to the United Nations, Vasily Nebenzia, said, “Of course, there is no doubt about any breakthrough.” According to him, the Ukrainian army “occupied a few marginal villages.”

“Moscow Times”, Interfax,

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