PlayStation 5 will receive a major update tomorrow;  M.2 SSD support will appear
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September 14, 2021, 5:47 pm

Tomorrow you will be able to download the latest major and second update for the PlayStation system. Important new jobs will appear.

Tomorrow, September 15, PlayStation 5 users will be able to download the second major update for the system. It will display the update Important news Console use, 3D audio for TV’s built-in speakers, and much-expected support for SSDs with an M.2 interface. The PS Remote Play mobile application will allow you to stream games not only via Wi-Fi, but also using mobile data transmission. On Thursday, September 23, there will be an update to the PlayStation app that will allow PlayStation 5 users to share their screen on mobile devices. PlayStation 4 has not been forgotten, and the update will offer, among other things, the ability to view PS5 trophies from a player’s profile on an older console.

Changes related to the use of the PS5 console

  • Adjustable control center. You can arrange and hide menu items.
  • Game Base with access to messages and chat directly from the Control Center. In full screen mode, players will see the status of their friends and will also be able to manage invitations.
  • The game library and home screen will distinguish between PS4 and PS5 versions of the same installed titles.
  • The screen reading function will be enriched with the ability to pause, resume and repeat reading portions.
PlayStation 5 will receive a major update tomorrow;  M.2 SSD support will appear - Illustration #1

The base of the game is available from the control center

Changes related to gaming and social options

  • PlayStation Now will have the option to change the resolution of streaming games (1080p or 720p), and there will also be a ping tool.
  • A new type of player reward: Commander.
  • Automatically record your broken game records and easily share these clips from Control Center.
  • • Trophy Tracker Get a quick overview of five in-game trophies from the Control Center.

3D sound for TV speakers

The September update will introduce the ability to turn on the 3D audio option and have surround sound on the built-in two-channel TV speakers. The microphone built into the DualSense controller will be used to measure the room’s acoustics. Owners of Pulse 3D headphones will be able to access the equalizer from the Control Center.

M.2 SSD support

The update will introduce support for high-speed M.2 drives, with which console users will be able to download, copy, and play games from PS5 and PS4. Sony indicates that the carrier must meet a specific company Standards And it has adequate cooling.

The PlayStation 5 update will be available simultaneously to all users tomorrow, September 15th.

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