“Canada's Got Talent”: Quebec duo Matt and Mime make golden buzzer ring

Quebec duo Matt and Mime made the golden buzzer resonate Canadian Talent, Tuesday evening with his incredible acrobatic number of roller skates on a high platform. The pair win $25,000 and go directly to the next stage of the televised competition.

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It was on a narrow, elevated stage that the Quebec couple performed this amazing number of acrobatics on roller skates. “Oh, my God” swelled throughout the series of acrobatic figures performed by the young woman, clinging to her partner by the arms and then the legs. All this was spinning at breakneck speed.

The highlight of the show? Tie a rope in his girlfriend's hair and spin him around… without even holding her hands!

Host Lindsey Ell, along with judges Howie Mandel, Lily Singh and Trish Stratus, called their act “crazy, dangerous and dangerous” as the room applauded them. The fourth umpire, singer Cardinal Ofish, sounded the famous golden buzzer, prompting cries of joy from the crowd.

Dare to do what you do

“Fun, stressful and dangerous”: described by Gaspe resident Mathieu Cloutier and Quebecer Miriam Lesart magazine Their first choice for a popular television competition Canada has talent.

“We prepared well and we are happy with our performance. It was a great experience even though it was very stressful because of the new environment. [la nouvelle salle et les repères qui sont différents]. We also shoot early and everything is so fast that we don't have time to get used to our surroundings. We took risks and it was fun,” says the duo, who make a couple in real life.

The trial was held in Niagara Falls last October.

Accustomed to competitions and festivals, the duo received the Golden Buzzer at the Italian edition of the show, which they participated in 2021. France has incredible talent Before the pandemic and won a silver medal at a prestigious circus festival in Spain. The experience was different this time because it happened in his home country.

“It was our first audition on mainstream television in Canada and it was really stressful because we knew people we knew were going to see it,” says 37-year-old Miriam Lessard.

Both artists aimed to present a unique act at each stage of the competition, including new routines, new costumes and new musical pieces.

One of their main challenges? Let their number be less than what they present on the stage. Because the audition will not take more than two and a half minutes. “We usually like to put an atmosphere in our actions,” underlines 35-year-old Mathieu Cloutier.

Million dollar grand prize

What will both artists do if they win the show's new $1 million grand prize?

“We'll take it very slowly, we'll see our families often, we'll take them on tour. But we'll keep working. Our dream would be to do a show on our own terms, with friends,” said Cirque du Soleil recruits in 2018 and the world at the show. The all-bright ones respond excitedly. Bazaar from.

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