Police officer charged with sexual harassment |  The complainant has a “blurred memory” of events

The Outlois resident, who has been charged with sexual harassment by an agent of the Service de la de Ville de Montreal (SPVM), has been charged with sexually assaulting her by bringing her back to his hotel room after a night in jail under public intoxication. The course of events. She has no memory of deliberately hitting her head three times on the wall of her cell, to the point of losing her balance.

Tristan Beloquin

Tristan Beloquin

The woman, who was identified by the release ban, was cross-examined Tuesday by police officer Roger Frechett’s attorney, Ms.e Felix Remillard-Laros questioned him at length about the many gray areas in his testimony.

On the evening of February 18, 2019, the complainant was arrested in Montreal, at which time he was involved in an argument with his sponsor, with whom he celebrated Valentine’s Day. Both were drunk. The complainant had completely stopped drinking for six months. According to his wife, due to a court ruling, he was banned from consuming alcohol and other substances.

When police arrested him and placed him in a cell for more than five hours at the SBVM’s southern division operation center, the woman said she had a “dissociation” episode, which means she was not, and was part of the events, not remembered.

Video evidence presented in court shows that he was very agitated and that he deliberately hit his head on the brick wall of the cell on three occasions. The shots then cause her to lose her balance and spin back and forth.

The defense attorney said at one point she was completely undressed and only kept her bra. The complainant does not remember it. She has no recollection of a time when she tried to touch police officer Roger Frechett through the wires of her cell and told her not to do so.

Her first contact with the police was very vague in her memory. She only remembers being told he could get out of jail if he behaved “like a good girl”.

“I worry [creepy] Said the complainant.

“Did you find it sex in nature?” The lawyer asked him.

“Of course it does,” he replied.

He says he was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, which, according to him, is interspersed with daily “flashbacks” of episodes of “cloudy memory” of his past events. He said he was attacked by a police officer when he was 17 years old. “There have been many cases in my past that explain this post-traumatic stress disorder,” he said.

Judge Lori Renee Weightsman, who was asked by the defense attorney about the sexual harassment, said she was “very reluctant to ask further questions about sexual harassment.” He warned of the past. A Supreme Court ruling – Mills ‘ruling – restricts attorneys’ right to examine the victim’s background in this way and protect their privacy, but if the victim’s circumstances justify it, the rules of procedural justice allow certain aspects to be considered. “I don’t want to gossip there,” he assured the lawyer, however, noting that the “evidence” of his post-traumatic stress disorder was relevant.

Despite her memory impairments, police officer Roger Freshet picks her up at his hotel in his personal car and complains that he remembers very well that when his shift was over he tried to have sex with her once in his bedroom. During the first interrogation 10 days after the incident, she did not recall the police officer touching her breasts and genitals, but these details came to her very recently, he explained.

“I don’t remember the course of events, but I do remember what happened well,” he stressed.

The trial continues this Wednesday.

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