This animated film was a huge success. It was the first to earn  billion in 2024.

“We are thrilled with the tremendous result achieved in such a short time. The success of this film is due, among other things, to the amazing creativity of the Pixar team. “We are proving once again that audiences around the world will go to theaters to see a great movie,” says Tony Chambers, Disney’s Executive Vice President of Film Distribution.

The movie “Inside Out 2” turned the tables on not the best indicators regarding movie ticket sales in 2024. Before the premiere, according to Comscore data, sales in the United States were 25% lower. Compared to the same period in 2023. Fortunately, after the premiere of the latest Disney cartoon, the data improved significantly. The deficit in box office revenues in the United States increased from 27 to 19 percent. Total ticket sales this year are estimated at $ 8.1-8.4 billion (before the pandemic it was about $ 9 billion). This result was affected, among other things, by: the screenwriters’ strike, so the forecast for the second half of the year is much better.

Disney finally has a plan. What? He thinks it’s clever.

Disney has had a tough time lately—film after film has been a financial failure, activist investor Nelson Peltz is regularly grilling management, Elon Musk is taking action against them for pulling their X ads, and their subscriber count is unenviable. Then Bob Iger comes out in white and declares revolution. But could this really be the thing that will change this slippery slope?

So far, the animated emotional thriller remains the year’s top-grossing film and was the first to cross $1 billion since “Barbie” premiered in July 2023. It joins a group of eight Disney and Pixar films that have grossed that amount in ticket sales (the list includes “Incredibles 2,” “Finding Dory?”, two “Frozen” sequels and the final two “Toy Story” installments).

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