Appeal from the Ministry of Public Finance regarding the award of compensation to Witold Bielecki

Verdict: deprivation of human dignity

In the justification, the judge pointed out that in the Polish legal system, the state treasury must bear responsibility for the situation in which a citizen is unjustly detained, suspended or serving an unfair sentence.

The judge also stated that the relatives of Captain Bilecki had already received compensation in December 1990. At that time, Captain Bilecki’s wife Maria, daughter Zofia and son Andrzej were awarded the amount of PLN 500 million at that time (before the reset).

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She added that the court must take into account the jurisprudence applied in this type of case and the economic and social conditions in force, and the jurisprudence shows that in similar cases amounts of about one million Polish zlotys have been adjudicated. – naturally The question of death is endless. There is no way to estimate it The judge confirmed.

The court also noted that Captain Witold Bielecki was held in “appalling conditions”. – said Judge Monica Łukaszewicz – it strips a man of his dignity and brings him to the lowest level.

But she noted that the court “cannot give 25 times more than our other heroes” and that “every death is the same”.

Bielecki’s son is furious. “It’s sad, unacceptable.”

The judgment is invalid. The representative of the state treasury appealed against him. The date for the first hearing will be set by the Court of Appeal.

– With indignation and great surprise, the employer noted the information about the appeal. While the position of the prosecutor’s office, which decided to accept the court’s ruling, was quite understandable, it is The position of the representative of the state treasury, in my opinion, is unpleasant and unacceptable – reported one of the lawyers of the son of Captain Bielecki, legal advisor Anna Buvenal.

She added that the state repeatedly refers to sacrificing rtm. Witold Pilecki, who has become a symbol of Polish patriotism. – Sam In his statement, President of the Republic of Poland Andrzej Duda called the captain “a true legend of underground Poland.”a man who deserves not only the honor he receives from us, his compatriots, but also deserves to be recognized as an exemplary resistance fighter known in Europe and around the world – Buffalo noted.

Rtm. Witold Pilecki – co-founder of the Polish Secret Army, soldier of the Home Army. He was sentenced to death by the communist authorities of People’s Poland and executed by a shot in the back of the head In Mokotów Prison in Rakowiecka in 1948. The death sentence was overturned in 1990. In 2006 the captain was posthumously awarded the Order of the White Eagle, and in 2013 he was posthumously promoted to colonel.

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