May 28, 2023


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Bytom: After TESCO’s ex-ul. Only a skeleton remains of Chorzowska. The parking lot looks like a battlefield

From the building after a large hypermarket in ul. Chorzowska in Bytom, there is almost nothing left. After the collective liquidation of TESCO in Poland, the large hall was bought by the German company Saller Polau. Only partial demolition is planned. Unofficially, it is said that a retail park will be built here instead.

It has only been a month since demolition work began on the former TESCO building at ul. Chorzowska, and one gets the impression that there is almost nothing left of it. The skeleton of the Great Hall for use in the construction of a new commercial building. As part of the work, existing roads and parking lots are also being rebuilt. The contractor, i.e. Budownictwo Kamiński Sp.K. , is also for the construction of a transformer station and an underground reservoir with a capacity of 130 cubic meters.

Instead of TESCO, its ul. Chorzowska at Bytom will be a retail park

It can be assumed that something like a “retail park” will be built on Chorzowska Street. Saler Pulau has experience “re-designing” TESCO buildings in this way. For example, in 2022 the company commissions Park Handlowy S1 in Leszno – a facility rebuilt from the former TESCO. At that time, the wing was almost completely demolished and extended into the parking lot, creating a new L-shaped building. It also housed nine commercial buildings. Currently there are such stores as Biedronka, Seastar, DM, Dealz, Pepco, House, Cropp, Sinsay and Tedi. Perhaps the same fate awaits the Great Hall in Chorzowska.

The OBI DIY shop is attached to the former TESCO building. The store will continue to operate and the building will remain intact.

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The shop at Bytom on Chorzowska Street has been in operation for nearly 30 years. Its history began in the 90s, and it should be noted that it was one of the first supermarkets in our area – residents not only from Bytom, but also from the surrounding area came to it. It first worked as a HIT. Then it worked under the name TESCO. However, in 2021 Netto acquired the network in Poland. UOKiK’s decision to acquire Braband-based Salling Group A / S, the owner of, among others, the Netto chain of stores, which is part of the ownership of Tesco Holdings, fell through in the spring. Netto has moved to about 85 percent of TESCO’s locations across Poland. However, due to its large size, the building on Chorzowska Street was not of interest.

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