The Chinese have surprised the regime.  He bought state secrets for pennies

China’s Ministry of State Security praised the citizen who reported finding secret files on social media. The man got it by chance because he thought he was buying books. When he discovered that these were important documents, he immediately informed the services. An investigation was opened into the case, and Zhang became a hero.

Chinese media reported the story ChangaHe is a former employee of a state-owned company. The retiree wanted to spend his free time, so he went to the market to buy some books.

Bought books in the market. It contained state secrets

As he admitted in an interview with the media, he paid six yuan (about 85 cents, or about five zlotys) for two bags of books. When he returned home and opened the new books, it turned out that she was among them Secret military documents. Zhang admitted it He just wanted cheap entertainment and “did not expect” such a discovery.

Despite his astonishment and astonishment – because the man was interested in the army and military issues – he immediately informed the agencies that took the files.

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related The investigation began, Which led agents to two military officials accused of destroying more than 200 publications. In the end, it turned out that it was not destroyed, but sold as “waste paper” – thanks to which it was later put up for sale. For any purpose.

The retiree’s story was shared on social media by the Chinese Ministry of Security. The man was praised for calling 911 to report the incident. “Mr. Zhang thought he had ‘bought’ the country’s military secrets and brought them home, but if someone with ulterior motives bought them, The consequences will be unimaginable” – confirmed.

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