“BYE BYE / I DON’T NEED A COWBOY,” Mizzou and Lawrence Nerbone sing on their new single, “Cowgirl.”

Mizzou grabs a microphone and a cowboy hat for a powerful country-rap song cowgirl A delicious nod to Lawrence Nerbone and his classics Bye bye mon cowboy 35 years after its release. Make way for “CowGirlPower”!

When songwriter, director and beatmaker Lawrence Nerbone, 38, started writing the lyrics cowgirlShe immediately thought of 53-year-old Mitsu for a collaboration. “Honestly, I’m still in shock,” says Lawrence Nerbone. I am very happy that Mitsuo is joining this. »

“Lawrence and I know each other quite a bit. I told him that I had no real interest in singing except to bring happiness. One day she called me to the studio. I got there on a Friday afternoon and she played me the demo. I couldn’t imagine that the song would be written and recorded six hours later! », says the businessman who took part in writing the lyrics cowgirl.

The feminism that colors the lives of the two women is seen in every word of the joyful song that is presented as the anthem of ” Woman power ».

Marie-Elaine Thibault

“Mizzou is a Female boss Unbelievable, says Lawrence Nerbone. For me, she is the Queen of Pop in Quebec! While shooting the music video, I was still learning from the girl’s performance. It is natural to align ourselves in ways that undermine consensus and affirm ourselves. This is what we wanted to plan to inspire other women who do the same every day, regardless of their profession. »

For Mitzo, an undeniable role model for many women in Quebec, the song is a beautiful reminder: “Stand up,” she says to the cowgirls listening to the song. It is important to remember this in any situation. This does not mean crushing others, but taking your place. »

Nice nod Bye bye mon cowboy

“BYE BYE / I don’t need a cowboy,” the duo sing, apparently referencing the song Bye bye mon cowboy You premiere the album the world Started by Mitso in 1988, it brought him fame.

“It’s funny that the cowboy character is 35 years old,” Mitso reflects. This is one of the reasons why Quebecers adopted me when I was 17 years old. There was something similar about this character. But naming a cowgirl, which I’ve never done before, is a big sequel. »

Marie-Elaine Thibault

Mitzo puts it bluntly: He has turned down many opportunities to sing over the years. Why Say Yes to Lawrence Nerbone? “To reconnect with my essence. find me I wouldn’t have thrown a party myself the world. (Laughs…) Life allows us to experience this birthday differently, with beautiful surprises. I see it as a wink from life, and precisely, it gives me that. »

Mitso likes the idea of ​​flirting, not to mention getting back to music. Walking on stage with Robert Charlebois this fall or singing with Pierre Lapointe on tour? Winter songsMitsou likes to have fun.

“As far as going down memory lane, it doesn’t interest me,” Mitso admits. To create something else, that is different. »

Song cowgirl Available now through Lawrence Nerphone and Mizzou. Lawrence Nerbone’s new album will be available in 2024.

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