Look at these 3 astrological signs in March 2022 and good luck smiling

The month of love bows down to give way to daydreaming! In a rather restless state, the movement of the stars would be favorable to these three astrological signs. Aries, Aquarius and Pisces are lucky in March.

March is not like the others: it is the last month and by extension, the first month of the astral year. The current season, which ends with the energy of Pisces on March 20, will lead to a new era with the intensity of Aries.

First, we will experience the new moon in Pisces on March 2, followed by the full moon in Virgo on March 17. As Venus and Mars orbit Aquarius from the first week of the month, lightning strikes are expected this month!

What do these astronomical links have in store for you?

3 lucky zodiac signs:


The first part of the month invites Aries to do some introspective work. When Venus and Mars enter Aquarius on March 6, this fiery zodiac sign may feel intoxicated. Aries will want to renew their love promises or if they are lonely they will want to open their heart to the beat. Since Aries wants to be more active than daydreaming, he will be happy to know that energy will take another turn when the sun enters his zodiac on March 21st. The owners of this astrological sign will be pushed by a new impulse. The moment to start first on a project will be well chosen because there will be excitement!


The fact that Aquarius is no longer favorable is not because the sun does not shine in its sign … on the contrary! If the last few weeks have been particularly eventful, especially on a professional level, Aquarius ’daily life should be smooth. This sweet stillness comes from the presence of Venus and Mars in his astrological sign. This month, Aquarius feels the need to interact with others. His social circle, already at the center of his priorities, takes up all the space. Pleasant, fun and romantic moments are also expected. This relationship energy will give him the motivation to accomplish everything else.


As the sun shines in Pisces for a good part of the month, everything in this astrological sign seems to be smiling. The energy in the sky allows you to reconnect with those who know how to create, dream and love better. More than ever, the natives of Pisces would love to show off, whether it is a project or a relationship. If he tries to forget himself, Pisces knows how to surround himself this month. It’s time to celebrate your difference!

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