Claude Bernadette Hangs Premiere Hurin’s Microphone

Claude Bernadette, who was quiet, announced his decision to the audience within minutes.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Sandra Lawrence

This result is mine. She did not take it easy. But it has been thought of for a long time and has matured for a long timeHe explained to his listeners, bursting into tears several times.

I have been thinking about my professional future for many years. I am looking for new challenges to face, how to return to a motivating job that will allow me to learn a little more about life and the world..

This feeling of being useful and making a difference in your community is so rewarding and I will be forever grateful to you for allowing me to experience it.

A quote Claude Bernadette, on the air for the first hour of the show

Brilliant industry

Highly admired by his colleagues, Claude Bernadette has had a successful career in radio-Canada since 1988.

Before returning to his hometown of Quebec he was a radio and television presenter in Edmonton, Toronto, Montreal and the Trois-Rivers.

Getting up at 3:30 every morning, imposing the life of a monk on you, managing the fatigue that has become a way of life, is not enough to come up with refreshments on weekends, Monday mornings. I’m tiredHe added many years before thanking many of his collaborators.

I have not found it yet [ce que je vais faire], But I hope this leap I make in the vacuum will allow me to get there. I don’t want to become an animator waiting until I retire.

Since 2016, Claude Bernadette and his crew have collected the top positions in the most listened to shows in the morning in Quebec. In the spring, the morning show took on a polar position for the sixth year in a row.

Claude Bernadette inside the Radio-Canada studio in Quebec

Claude Bernatchez (center) and the entire “Premiere Heure” group celebrated the results of the referendum in June, followed by the ninth Numéris referendum.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Sandra Lawrence

Many tributes

Praise quickly erupted from his colleagues and his loyal listeners and political class.

Claude has been a part of the daily lives of people in the Quebec region for almost two decades, and we are saddened to see that he’s highly appreciated by those who listen to the animation of this show.Underlines Julie Lemieux, Regional Director of Radio-Canada in Quebec. But even after all these years it is very normal for him to want a different rhythm of life and to accept new challenges.

We want to thank him from the bottom of our hearts for his dedication, his professionalism, his toughness, his humor, his elegance and his in-depth interviews.

A quote Julie Lemieux, Regional Director of Radio-Canada in Quebec
Recognition by Claude Bernadette for Quebec 84

Claude Bernadette is deeply in love with Quebec City. Here we see his recognition for Quebec 1984

Photo: Radio-Canada / Alice Chiche

Quebec Mayor Bruno Mercant paid tribute to him on his Twitter account.

Is the morning monument of Claude Quebec. What a pleasure to spend our many mornings in your company. Great respect to the man, the presenter and the stern journalist. The rest is yours, I’m sure.He wrote.

I miss your voice, clarity and sweetness, a lot of brilliance. Thank you for all these years and for the good path to the futureA loyal listener, Lise Lachance commented.

What a great vacuum, this distortion of Claude Bernardes. His voice was part of the beginning of our day on many moons. He will definitely be missed! Thank you Claude for visiting and your professionalism.

A quote Susan Bedard, first hour listener

Lastly on June 23rd

Claude Bernadette will host his last morning show on Thursday, June 23, and will use the summer vacation to reflect on his involvement with Radio-Canada.

The person who will come after him will be revealed in the summer.

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