Strong increases in grain prices in global exchanges

The quotations of grain contracts ended yesterday in the international exchanges with a significant increase in prices. The price of wheat in the spectrum rose 1.9 percent.

After a weaker start to trading in the first session of the new year, yesterday’s grain prices on world markets rose sharply. Wheat in the contract with Mativ delivery in March rose 1.9 percent. And the cost is 279.25 euros / ton (1,143 PLN / ton). On the other hand, prices rose by 28.2%. The price of corn on the Paris Stock Exchange in the January contract (last quote today) increased by as much as 10.6 percent. It amounted to €250.00 / ton (PLN 1037 / ton), and over the past year it increased by 18.5%. As I wrote yesterday, the closer to the date of the last quote, the lower the trading volume – sometimes symbolic – and the higher randomness/volatility in prices. The next series of nodes with deliveries in March rose 1.6 percent yesterday. up to €247.50 / ton (1,132 PLN / ton).

The price of wheat on the CBoT in the March contract rose 1.6 percent. Its cost is $282.92 per ton. On the other hand, prices increased by 17.7%. The price of corn in the March delivery contract on the Chicago Stock Exchange rose 3.4%. And it amounted to 239.95 dollars per ton, and during the past year it increased by 23.9 percent.

Matif Wheat, March Contract – Price is up 1.92 percent. (279.25 euros / ton – 1277 PLN / ton).
Chart 1.

The quotations for the March wheat futures contract, expressed in PLN, are shown in the chart below:
Chart 2

In the continuous chart below, the wheat contracts traded on the Paris Stock Exchange are dominated by a long-term uptrend, a medium-term uptrend, and a short-term uptrend.
Chart 3

Chicago Wheat Exchange, March Contract – Price is up 1.58%. (282.92 USD / ton – 1145 PLN / ton).
Chart 4

The long-term uptrend, medium term uptrend, and short term uptrend are dominated by the CME.
graph 5

Corn Matveh January Contract – The price increased by 10.62 percent. (250.00 euros / ton – 1143 PLN / ton).
Chart 6

November corn futures contract quotations, expressed in PLN, are shown in the chart below:
Chart 76.05

In the supplementary chart below of the Paris-listed corn contracts, long-term growth is dominant, medium-term bullish, short-term bullish.
graph 8

Corn Stock Exchange, March Contract – Price is up 3.44%. (239.95 USD / ton – 971 PLN / ton).
Chart 9

The continuous chart of the CME-listed corn contracts is dominated by a long-term uptrend, a medium-term uptrend and a short-term uptrend.
graph 10

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