The lotto results from 07/11/23 – numbers from the last draw

On Tuesday, July 11, the lotto did not win the jackpot. In the next draw, you will win PLN 14 million. The jackpot has been increasing since June 24th. Here are the Lotto and Lotto Plus results as of July 11, 2023.

On Tuesday, July 11, the lotto draws the following numbers: 9And 17And 34And 42And 44 And 45.

There was 12 million PLN to win. The six did not win, and as a result, the backlog increased to PLN 14 million.

But in the last draw, 32 second division wins were recorded. Earnings amount to 9838 PLN. However, the final amounts that will go to the players will be less. 10% is charged on every win over 2280 PLN. tax.

The following numbers are drawn in Lotto Plus: 7And 15And 16And 21And 32 And 48. There was also no jackpot in Saturday’s Lotto Plus draw.

Lotto and Lotto Plus – Rules

One lotto bet costs 3 PLN. On the coupon you need to cross out 6 out of 49 numbers, you can do it yourself or play randomly.

Lotto Plus is an extra chance to win. It is enough to pay an additional PLN 1 to a Lotto bet for the numbers from this bet to participate in an additional draw. In Lotto Plus, 6 out of 49 numbers are drawn. For matching six numbers, the prize is 1 million PLN.

Lotto Plus winnings are fixed and guaranteed. There are no backlogs.

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