Car tires will undergo huge revolutions!  In three years they won’t have to pump it!

Car tires are going to undergo a massive revolution in the near future. Namely, from 2024 you won’t have to pump it! Michelin is working on this technology, which, if all goes according to its assumptions, will launch such tires on the market in 2024.

Car tires will undergo a massive revolution! Practically everything will change – that’s the point!

The tires produced by Michelin will be called “the unique puncture-resistant tire system”. The tires will be very sturdy and durable. The tire structure must be reinforced with special fiberglass, which will be used under the tread and in the treads. That sounds good, and we know that in this case it won’t end with words alone.

Tires produced by Michelin in the Mini Electric SE have recently been tested and tested. Reviews have been very good and there are many indications that these tires are going to make a real feel when they come to market. And if we add that you do not have to pump them, then only one word will come to mind. Masterpiece.

In three years we’ll see what it all looks like. We can’t wait and look forward to it!

If everything goes according to the plan established by the company, we will see how everything works in three years. I don’t know about you, but we’re already wringing our hands. There are many indications that this product will completely change the car tire market.

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