Businessmen reacted to the election results.  This is what he wants from the new government

According to the partial results of this year’s parliamentary elections, the Law and Justice Party will not obtain enough seats to form a new government. Everything indicates that the opposition will obtain a majority in the House of Representatives.

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Small businesses expect changes from the government

Katarzyna Janiszewska, who has been working in the retail sector for more than 20 years, says in an interview with that the results are optimistic.

– There will be time for peace after the official results and after several months of rule by the new government – he comments.

The entrepreneur admits that although she does not believe in the programs and treats them as so-called electoral sausage, it is closer to the opposition’s assumptions. – The proposals of those parties are simply more suitable for me – says Janiszewska.

Law and justice is a killer for small and medium enterprises. I’m counting on stability, fewer regulatory changes, or more transparent rules. I hope it won’t be like this: “We’ll increase your tax bracket, but we’ll charge you an additional tax.” Or: “We will give you 12% income tax, but we will increase your contributions to ZUS.” “I hope this does not happen this way and that these requirements for entrepreneurs will be reduced without additional burdens,” he adds.

What should be the biggest priority? According to Janiszewska, the inability to deduct health insurance contributions and calculate them on the basis of average wages should be addressed. – This is a priority for us, especially for small and medium enterprises, Because we are responsible for state budget revenues, we are treated as a necessary evil – says the businessman.

In turn, Alicia Ciesierska, who runs a small business in Wrocław called “Wrocławski Płomień”, tells us that for her It is important to submit income tax and VAT payments only after payment has been received Or reduce contributions to the Social Insurance Institution. However, she believes that the list of priorities of the new government is much longer.

– National Reconstruction Plan funds must be released and allocated to assist and develop small and micro enterprises that have suffered most from the pandemic, war, and inflation. We need to strive for as little inflation as possible and standardize prices in storesHe adds, as well as helping companies enter foreign markets and reducing state persecution in the form of constant financial inspections.

Waiting for funds from KPO

When it comes to big business, the first thing that comes up in conversations with entrepreneurs is the word “dialogue.”

These results provide an opportunity to restore normalcy and Poland’s position on the international stage, in the European Union, which is crucial at the moment. There is a real opportunity to get money from KPO, which is needed by both the business sector and the economy. Currently, the deficit is larger than it is on paper, due to a clear underestimation of tax revenues. We are at risk of inflation rising further due to lower fuel prices in the final weeks of the campaign – says the professor. Jacek Messina, Advisor to the Board of Directors of the Levantine Federation and Head of the Department of Labor System and Labor Market at the University of Warsaw.

The representative of the Leviathan Union stresses that the issue of Poland’s classification status is very important.

I think companies feel relieved that there is an opportunity to get back on the development path and that it will be easier to make investment decisions.. There have been statements from almost a majority of opposition parties that we will do something about this unfortunate health insurance premium. However, no radical moves should be expected. However, we are counting on life returning to normal and the restoration of social dialogue and dialogue with the business sector. “We hope that companies will not constantly be surprised by regulations that make it difficult to manage and plan their businesses,” Messina adds.

In turn, Piotr Lewielski, businessman and president of the Polish Chamber of Commerce for the Wood Industry, notes that his organization is humble about each electoral result.

We hope that this new one will be better than the previous one. The most important thing for us now is to make real dialogue possible, something we have been missing for the past eight years. We want everyone interested in state forests, which make up a third of Poland, to be able to have substantive conversations with state authorities. It will be necessary to develop a long-term strategy for the forest sector, definitively and irreversibly depoliticize state forests, and decentralize power in this organization. Forests must be managed jointly between departments and we will constantly encourage those in power to do so in the new political system – he commented in an interview with

The business representative adds that in the past, entrepreneurs were invited to attend meetings only to create the appearance of dialogue. – An example of this is the announcement of the 2024 Timber Sale Rules by Director Kubica on the Friday before the elections. This eloquently showed that our objective arguments are irrelevant, Zemsky says.

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