Widow’s Pension Supplement 2024 – When will ZUS start paying pensions to widows?

Author: Simon Starnowski
What about the widow’s pension in 2024?

The House of Representatives is working on the Widows’ Pensions Law. Thanks to this, widows and widowers will be able to receive approximately PLN 8,500 of the new benefit after indexation in March 2024. Are there chances that the Widows’ Pension Law will be passed quickly?

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  1. What is a widow’s pension?
  2. When will ZUS start paying pensions to widows?

In July 2023, the House of Representatives in the previous term began work on the Citizens’ Project on the Widow’s Pension provided by OPZZ. This system assumes the exclusion of the entitlement of persons who have lost their spouses from the survivors’ pension package and the creation of a separate entitlement. Work on the law continues in the new parliament. One of the most important issues is financing, which is expected to cost PLN 13 billion and will be higher in each subsequent year.

What is a widow’s pension?

The rules and conditions for obtaining a widow’s pension depend on the current regulations regarding survivor’s pension for people who have lost their spouse. The deceased person must have the right to:

  • Pension or access to it;
  • Bridge pension
  • vesting or pre-retirement benefit;
  • Pension or access to it;

The new law fundamentally changes the financial principles of the benefit. According to the project, the widow or widower will have the option of keeping their entitlements: pension, annuity, salary and adding 50% of the survivor’s pension, or receiving 100% of the deceased person’s survivor’s pension and increasing it by 50% of their benefit. This approach allows you to choose a more beneficial option for yourself.

When will ZUS start paying pensions to widows?

The benefit will be Recalculation of pension with allowance. The widow’s pension cannot be higher than three times the average pension, which currently amounts to PLN 2,545 according to ZUS data. The maximum benefit at this stage can be: 7,635 Polish zloty.

If, as the winning coalition promised in the election campaign, the new House of Representatives considers this law to be one of the most important, we can expect the results already at the beginning of 2024. After indexation in March 2024, its index is expected to reach 12.3% maximum widow’s pension It may increase to about 8,500 PLN.

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