Pepper producers are protesting.  Vegetables from Holland in shops

Producers from Mazovia, Poland’s sweet pepper basin, do not hide their anger. They are worried “Building a commercial offer on products from abroad, in a period when the domestic market is full of vegetables of Polish production.” The situation is tense because the pepper season is very short.

The farmers launched a hotline. Asking consumers for help

As they emphasized, they have been preparing sweet pepper production every year since February so that Polish consumers get the best vegetables in the summer. In southern Mazovia, a decent amount of sweet pepper was produced. It is difficult for farmers to understand why chains sell vegetables from abroad rather than local production.

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We will not stand still and consider the process of destroying the production of heat-loving vegetables in PolandWhich is made through the reckless and uncontrolled practice of offering a product from abroad during the season in the country. All of us – farmers, consumers and retail chains – must take care of Polish vegetable production, because only it guarantees our food security – appeals to the Association of Pepper Producers of the Republic of Poland.

Farmers launched a special hotline at 516124929 and asked consumers to send information on the country of origin of peppers in retail chains along with pictures. The applications already appear on the association’s Facebook profile. One of the ladies shows a photo from Pedroncka, in which the country of origin of sweet pepper is marked Holland.

“We will take care of the Polish consumer and the Polish producer. A temporary reduction in the price of the product offered to the consumer does not mean that someone cares about it. In the long run, this will lead to the destruction of Polish agriculture, and then the consumer will have to pay much more for a particular product.“- announces the Polish Association of Pepper Producers.

On Friday, the association organized a protest in front of the Lewiat store in Potworów. But according to the farmers, the so-called and will soon join the letters of shame other opponents that offer imported vegetables.

Strawberry rash pretending to be Polish

Farmers are deceived. Polish strawberries are red, sweet and juicy, but you have to pay 22 PLN for it, because that’s how much it costs to produce them. The green Greek type is selected and matured in transport on a truck trailer. It costs only PLN 10 and is sold as Polish – then the left members of the House of Representatives got thundered.

At the beginning of the year, the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection imposed a fine of 140 million PLN on the Kaufland chain for incorrect labeling of vegetables in the country of origin. Trade inspections have shown that situations arise systematically in chain storesWhere the vegetable notice contains false information about its geographical origin.

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