The first trailer for the animated film “Quo Vadis: Sword of Love”, based on the novel by Henryk Sienkiewicz, has been released.
Quo Vadis is back, but this time in animated form. The Polish-Indian co-production titled “QUO VADIS. Sword of Love” is already in production, and the producers of the film have just shown the first trailer.

The film’s plot is of course inspired by the pages of Henryk Sienkiewicz’s novel. “QUO VADIS” takes place in the year 63 in Rome, during the reign of Emperor Nero. After returning from war as a hero, Vinicius falls in love with Ligia, who lives the values ​​of early Christianity. Vinicius asks his uncle Petronius, Nero’s influential advisor, for help in obtaining the girl. According to the producers, the film will be a “universal parable about love and spirituality.


The film’s directors and producers are Anira Wojan and Roy Sukankan. The main characters are voiced by Małgorzata Kożuchowska, Michał Milowicz, Michał Koterski and Jarosław Boberek, among others. The original songs for the film were recorded by: Afu-Ra, Tomasz Szczepanik (Pectus Band) and rapper Sobota. The film was created using Unreal Engine technology, an engine previously associated with the video game industry. “QUO VADIS. The Sword of Love” is scheduled to hit cinema screens later this year. The premiere is scheduled for October 25.

Below we attach the first trailer for “QUO VADIS. Sword of Love”

Quo Vadis. Sword of love from Kosakovsky Foundation on Vimeo.

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