Mixed reviews on the first scene of the tune

Opinions are divided like this paper Variety : Hill It needs five stars to build its universe and about two and a half stars for its plot. Compared to the disastrous 1984 adaptation of David Lynch, it may seem like a masterpiece. [la majeure partie de l’histoire est désormais compréhensible]. Also, for about an hour, the film will be mesmerizing.

The American site Intwire reports that it specializes in genre cinema Big disappointment. Despite Villanuev’s impressive vision, the latter seems to have forgotten why Frank Herbert’s science fiction deserves an epic scene. These are the dangers of facing a very large product that even the director cannot see beyond its packages.

British newspaper Independent Was very excited: The Hill De Villanueva is a sand worm that emerges from hidden darkness. It is a film that is real and emotionally wide enough to overwhelm the emotions. If all goes well, the film should renew the tradition of the book as well as the trilogy. Head of rings It was done by Peter Jackson for the work of JRR Tolkien.

Magazine Vanity Fair David was disappointed in front of an adaptation that he did not consider to be much higher than Lynch.

Villeneuve exaggerated the whole thing and could not varnish hard to touch. […] The original novel, with its endless vocabulary describing places, people, religious traditions and political systems, was too dense to turn into a fast-paced cinematic object. The film is somewhat laborious and at the same time fast-paced; Eruptions of story expression and eruptions echoing around monotonous action scenes.

A quote:Richard Lawson, film critic Vanity Fair

Daily Defender The film was awarded the highest score by a Quebec filmmaker Hill It reminds us of what a Hollywood mega product wants. Presumably, his message is engraved on the wide pages of the sand, and Denise Villeneuve’s fantastic epic says that big-budget shows don’t have to be silly or exaggerated, it can insert a quiet scene. […] Hill Dense, incubating and often sublime – the missing link between multiplex and orthouse cinema.

Finally, Glenn Kenny, the lead reviewer for the specialty site rogerebert.com, admits to being pleasantly surprised. It would be an understatement to say that I did not enjoy Villeneuve’s previous films. But I can not deny that he presented here more than a satisfactory adaptation of the book. […] And while Villanueva is one of the most humorous filmmakers, the novel is not tourism either. So we have to salute the fact that Villanueva has put forward lighter references to the scene.

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