February 2, 2023


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Janet Barboza did not tolerate Ethel Boso's joke: "You will lose friends at this rate"

Janet Barboza did not tolerate Ethel Boso’s joke: “You will lose friends at this rate”

Janet Barbosa He lost his good sense of humor after a bad moment Ethel Poso She made fun of her boyfriend who had not seen her for months because she lived in the United States.

In an attempt to relate the relationship of rulidose to the situation Melissa Paradise, Who was backed by her dancer when she found out she was still a couple Rodrigo Cuba, Kisela’s daughter said: “All this time, Three months later suddenly Janet wants to see her boyfriend”.

Janet Barbosa did not take this view lightly, bluntly pointing to Ice with her show partner saying “she will be gone without friends” (referring to the former reality girl Ethel saying “she does not belong” to her close circle “).

We are talking about a serious matter, Ethel Rocío Pozo, do not hit around the bush. We’re talking about ‘clean slate’, we’re talking At this rate you will go without friendsRulidos said.

It went unnoticed by La Cenito’s daughter, who did not hide her surprise and sadness when she hoped her opinion would be taken with good humor.

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