Bruce Willis has a short time.  The famous director revealed what was wrong with the actor - O2

Fans of legendary action movie star Bruce Willis have been worried about their idol for a long time. A world-class actor in recent years has starred in dozens of critically acclaimed low-budget films. According to rumors, the 66-year-old has difficulty remembering lines of dialogue, which were initially blamed on his laziness. But the problem turned out to be more serious.

Bruce Willis has dementia

Bruce Willis is said to be battling the early stages of dementia. These reports were recently confirmed by director Matt Eskandari, who has collaborated with Willis on a range of productions such as “Save Plan” and “Survive Until Dawn.” The director noted the actor’s problems in a video comment on Facebook about rumors of the actor’s illness.

This is correct. I made four films with him, so I know that firsthand. It is sad to see a legend like Bruce crumble before your eyes. Eskandari wrote on Facebook, I’ve seen him work with him for the past few years.

The 66-year-old is expected to only choose B movies recently in order to earn as much money as possible while still being able to work.. In 2015, the actor was fired from director Woody Allen’s “Cream Social” and reportedly faced enormous difficulties working on the 2019 movie “Glass.” Unfortunately, the chances of him returning to high-end cinema are slim at present.

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