Ukrainian ethnicities celebrated their birthday with a cake in the shape of Russia.  “cut into small pieces” [ZDJCIE] |  News from the world

On Wednesday, January 4, the boss Ukrainian Kirillo Budanov, the head of military intelligence, celebrated his birthday. A photo of a military man in an unusual bun appeared on social networks.

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Why are the Russians attacking critical infrastructure in Ukraine?

Ukraine. Intelligence chief with a cake in the shape of Russia

Budanov celebrated his 37th birthday on Wednesday. According to Fria Ukraine’s Twitter profile, the military is under free gift Received, among other things, a shaped cake Russia. The group wrote: “to be cut into small pieces.” On Cake’s map of Russia, we can see the “Central Russian Republic”, as well as the regions of the Far East marked with the letter “K”.

Recently, Budanov gave an interview to the portal On the military table was a “dismembered” map Russia“- as in the aforementioned cake. – Kursk, Belgorod and Kuban are marked with a black flag as part of Ukraine – well-known journalists of that time, asking if it was about the” next stage “of territorial reconquest.

Everyone sees what they want to see. Maybe it’s just a broad mark. Or maybe not, – answered Budanov.

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The Ukrainians have destroyed Russia. quarters. There were about 80 Russians

Ukraine: Head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Military Assistance to the West

Kyiv is waiting for the next meeting of Western countries on arms transfer. This was stated by the head of the Ukrainian MFA Dmytro Kuleba. At the same time, he talked about what types of weapons Ukrainian soldiers need most when defending themselves against Russian aggression.

The head of the Ukrainian Ministry of Diplomacy noted that deliveries of subsequent batches of weapons will have a decisive impact on ending the war. He confirmed that a Ramstein-format donor meeting is scheduled for the near future. Dmytro Kuleba stressed that his country is waiting for air defense systems

As he noted, the Ukrainian authorities will hold talks about the delivery of more NASAMS, IRIS-T and Crotale systems. He added that Ukraine is also interested in acquiring additional Gepard and Vulcan anti-aircraft guns, as well as Stinger portable systems.

Dmytro Kuleba also noted that his country also needed armored weapons – here he referred to German weapons. chogs Leopard. Among the urgent needs, he also mentioned artillery and shells for it.

According to the head of the Ministry of Diplomacy of Ukraine, preparations have begun for the transfer of American Patriots to the Dnieper River. A battery of these launchers was promised by the US authorities during President Zelensky’s visit in December to Washington.

A girl walks past a monument to Russian special forces soldiers in St. Petersburg, Russia, January 3, 2023.Medvedev speaks of Russian soldiers: outspoken against intellect and brutality

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