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We don’t know yet how these people got infected A new type of corona virusBecause they have not traveled outside Croatia recently. We suspect that the infection occurred at a business meeting attended by foreigners. All participants in the meeting have been called for tests and are currently in quarantine – said epidemiologist Bernard Caillou, who works at the Institute of Public Health.

Infected people do not have strong symptoms of the disease Croatian newspaper “Dnevnik” reported. To date, about 52% of people in Croatia have been fully vaccinated. Population.

Information so far shows that infection with the omicron coronavirus variant causes mild symptoms, but it is still not known what pathway it may have in people at risk.

Variant of Omikron It has up to 50 mutations, 32 of which are in the spike protein. what does that mean? As Dr. Bartosz Vyacek explains,, is the number of changes in genetic material relative to the base variant. For comparison, the delta variant contains 13 of these mutations and, according to some data, 15 or 17.

Cases of COVID-19 have increased sharply in certain areas of South Africa over the past month, Announcing a fourth pandemic wave dominated by the Omikron متغير variant. Since the discovery of the new COVID-19 variant by South African scientists, cases have been reported worldwide.


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