“Bridget Jones 4”: Hugh Grant returns to the series.  Who will be missing from the cast?

when Grant He resigned from participating in “Bridget Jones 3” Since 2016, his character has been killed off-camera. However, towards the end of the film, there was a suggestion that Daniel Cleaver, Bridget Jones's former boss and lover, may have cheated fate.

Grant confirmed that the film, which will premiere on Peacock on Valentine's Day 2025, will be the best in the series. He added that the scenario affected him. “It's one of the best scripts I've ever read,” he told Entertainment Tonight.

The actor also confirmed that he will be absent from the cast this time Colina Vertha. Its hero, Mark Darcy, Jones' partner and the father of her children, will die before the plot of the fourth film begins.

Grant admitted: “It's a story about raising two children alone, told with Bridget Jones' humor. It's a very sad story and very funny at the same time. It moved me.”

The cast except Grant plays the title character Renee Zellweger Emma Thompson will appear Chiwetel Ejiofor And Leo Woodall. The director is Michael Morris, previously known for his work in soap opera formats, among others “Better Call Saul”.

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