February 4, 2023


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Fewer LGBT people in Hollywood movies

Fewer LGBT people in Hollywood movies

GLAAD of America announced Jubilee, the tenth Studio Responsibility Index. It studies the representation of cinematic minorities in films brought to cinemas by Hollywood studios. Latest report for 2021.

How many Hollywood movies of 2021 feature the LGBTQ community?

The report looked at 77 headlines. It turns out that LGBTQ is only present in 16 of them. This is a slight decrease compared to the previous year.

These sixteen films featured 28 LGBTQ-identified characters. The vast majority of them are homosexual (69%). Most LGBTQ personalities were also white (61%).

Disney has turned out to be the studio with the most films featuring LGBTQ characters. Apply up to five in 2021.

9 films passed the Vito Russo test

GLAAD also reported that only 9 films passed the Russo Vito. For comparison, there were 16 in 2019. These terms are:

The film must feature recognizable LGBTQ characters
– These personalities are not determined solely by their orientation
These characters would have to be so closely related to the plot that their removal would radically change the entire movie
– At least one LGBTQ character can’t be based solely on stereotypes, without an in-depth psychological portrait

These films are:

“West Side Story”
“jungle trip”
“No time to die”
“The Wise Virgins”
“licorice pizza”
Dear Evan Hansen
“candy man”
In the Heights: Hills of Dreams

Watch the movie No Time To Die

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