Russia.  Vladimir Putin sways from one foot to the other and sways during his speech.  There is a record |  world News

The recording was provided mainly by the British media. Registered during the celebration of the day Russia The clip raises doubts about the health of Vladimir Putin.

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“The most important thing is energy efficiency. Only then will they be able to say: Goodbye Putin!”

Russia. Vladimir Putin was shaking in celebration of Russia Day

The film was made available by the daily Express You can see the speech of director Nikita Mikhalkov. Vladimir is standing next to him put it inTheir behavior is back Attention foreign media. During the director’s speech you can see the president Russia It vibrates uncontrollably and tilts slightly back and forth.

However, in the following footage, you can see the politician walking nervously from foot to foot. put it in He seems to have difficulty standing in one place for a long time.

Unusual movements of the Russian president were also recorded earlier during the visits of Tajik or other presidents Belarus. Then it was noted that Putin was unable to control his leg swings and was vigorously shaking his feet even when sitting in a chair. In early 2022, the politician was registered before meeting with Alyaksandr Lukashenka. In the video, one of his legs is shaking again, and the Russian president is holding an armrest. There are also tremors in the left arm, tremors in the right hand and a slightly shaky gait. Recordings of these events are available in the article below.

Putin in the next video – strange trembling in the legs attracts attention [WIDEO]

Several months ago, foreign intelligence reported the deteriorating health of Vladimir Putin

Friday’s reports, published by the newspaper “Massaggero” before the celebration of Russia Day, show that Vladimir Putin has banned doctors from participating in longer meetings or live performances. The President of Russia, after meeting with young entrepreneurs, was supposed to need urgent medical help. The politician reportedly lost consciousness while standing and could not get back on his feet without the help of other people.

Vladimir Putin (Illustrative image)Putin needed urgent medical attention? New reports

In recent days, more and more information has been published about the poor health of the Russian president. Intelligence services in the West were reporting on diseases put it in the . Most reported that the cancer was advanced. The politician suffers from pancreatic or thyroid cancer.

However, these reports have not been confirmed by the Kremlin, although the media also reports that Moscow has prepared for a “worst-case scenario” and a situation in which Putin will not be able to rule the country. Then power is seized by a special body – the State Council.

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