Blood, guts and fighting against the Nazis.  Can you imagine a more fun weekend session?

In “Sisu” we can see a self-aware action movie in the style of the best contemporary films: dialogues reduced to a minimum, absurdity turned into crazy chronicles, revenge, bloody fun and traditional honesty. This is delicious pulp that will make you sit back, laugh, laugh, and feel warm satisfaction—because who doesn't like seeing Nazis being eviscerated? I guarantee you: there are a lot of bodies in here.

Therefore, the Finnish picture is inevitably poor in narrative. That means: elegant, simple, concise, yet addictive. It's a bloody, almost inspiring journey. A crazy tradition that will be appreciated by all fans of action cinema – whether classic or more contemporary (the creator does not hide his love for old-school brawlers). Most importantly, he is not afraid of nonsense – he allows himself nonsense, but of course only those that allow you to get more pleasure from watching, and do not make you roll your eyes. The undiscovered strength and determination of the main character is a source of pure joy. The hero provides the viewer with great pleasure from the massacre and excess blood, and by “refusing to die” he reinforces his legend over and over again and proves that he deserves everything that is said about him.

Yes, I know what it's like. I stand by what I wrote. This strange film, which sees no need to explain every part of the plot and willingly pokes fun at itself, evokes a feeling of special relief. At the same time, it is devoid of any trace of pretense.

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