Paweł Staliński found a way to live after "Dancing with the Stars".  What is he doing today?

Paweł Staliński In 2010, he accepted an invitation to participate in “Dancing with the stars“At that time, many viewers basically associated him as a son Dorota StaliskaAnd the fact that it was a model was only considered an ‘addition’. Although few people said that he would succeed on the dance floor, along with Isabella Janachowska He was on the verge of winning, only losing to Monica Perry and Robert Rowensky in the final. Participation in the program made the young star the focus of the press and a frequent visit to the salons. After some time, he stopped visiting and focused instead on new works indirectly related to “Dancing with the Stars”..

You can find the rest of the article below the video:

Paweł Staliński disappeared from the screens. What does the life of Dorota Stalinska’s son look like today?

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