Expert on factory relocation to China: War abroad causes unrest

The situation in Aleksandrov Lodzki We describe it in Onet Tuesday. Before the end of last week, the powerful Swiss-based ABB announced its decision to close one of its factories in this city. By the end of this year, production there will be completed by a plant for the production of low-voltage motors (ABB supplies these specialized devices, among others, to the mine). Therefore, according to the company’s calculations, approximately 400 employees will be subject to mass layoffs.

The authorities of the city with a population of 20 thousand, which is a “vassal” of Łódź, still hope that some engine specialists will be taken over by the neighboring ABB plant for the production of drive systems. Mayor Alexandrov learned of the engine plant’s liquidation on the same day as his employees. According to city hall officials, the factory is scheduled to move to China. The company officially justifies the suspension of engine production for reasons including “market dynamics and the geopolitical situation,” the reasons also including “increasing raw material costs.” Moreover, employees who met at the plant on Tuesday told Onet that their management had indicated that electricity prices were too high to continue producing engines in Poland.

Politicians are commenting widely on the situation.

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