Good news for real estate owners.  It is about rental rates.  “The potential for further growth is running out.”

The report from Expander and shows that in October rents fell in 9 out of 16 cities surveyed, rates were unchanged in 2 out of 16, and in 5 out of 16 a further increase was recorded. However, in most of the cities we studied, rates have fallen. The possible reason is that some landlords did not find tenants in the hottest period (August, September) and had to lower prices.


Since December last year, we have noticed a monthly increase in rental costs. The largest increases occurred in the spring, when there was a massive influx of refugees from Ukraine. After that, they continue to grow, but more slowly. All in all, this year (since January) rates have risen in the cities we surveyed by an average of 23 percent. According to the report, the record holders are Krakow (36%), Warsaw (31%) and Wroclaw (30%). At the same time, this is emphasized Exhausted the possibility of further growth.

Experts explain it Price increases were largely driven by a shortage of rental housing. Currently The supply of apartments for rent has almost returned to normal. The number of all active rental ads in October was 30,000. A year ago it was 33,000, so there’s still a little bit.

– However, if we look at the newly added ads, in October this year there were more of them (15,000) than there were a year ago (13,000). The report’s authors point out that in November, there may be more active ads than there were a year ago.

Rates in October were lower in most cities than they were in September. – Apart from the already mentioned Katowice (-9% m/m), significant decreases were recorded in Gdynia (-5% m/m), Sosnowiec (-5% m/m) and Gdańsk (-5% m/m). ) – has been replaced. In contrast, other increases were recorded in five cities. These are Lublin (6% m / m), Czestochowa (5% m / m), Lodz (5% m / m), Warsaw (3% m / m) and Krakow (2% m / m).

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